Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Night of 10,000 Words and No Pics

Last night. Wow. It began as a bust when Brittany and my ride [pssycat] decided we were s.o.l at like 10:38pm. Thannnks. So the broham sped us down to Quintonio's house. It was kinda empty at first...more of a family thing but his family is just lovely. Lol. Lots of drinks and food and decorations though. It was fabulous. Then more people began to come as the countdown arrived.

The final minute & 30 seconds kinda snuck up on us so we all hopped up and made noises and stuff. lol Fun! Then....the drinks. Yes. More people began to come, including blah zay blah. Lol he was my new years kiss. How cute. But he was drunk. Eh.
Sooo When the house started gettin crowded, Brit, Nashay, D, & I all walked to Shays. We celebrated there where shay introduced brit to Patron. lol
Only was there for a little while though. Josh came & took us to my good good friend Joe's house where we met plenty of happy people. Played some games. Had some convo. It was nice.
Someone deff jacked Brittany's camera soooo all the evidence of that night were spoken word pretty much.
:/ Blooooooooown.
& Then came the angry phone calls. So you know, you should never call someone seriously angry on New years eve. I barely remember what he was mad at, but I was trying to make things better. I finally gave up. It was like 4am and there was no point. Lol I told him to go to bed mad and we'd handle in the morning...
So this morning he was acting like i was the angry one...was i??
Eh, we'll be okay soon. I give it bout a day or so. But anywho. its 3:13 pm of January first. Happy new years everyone! :] brand new year. brand new me?

Resolutions much?:

Take advantage of gyms. [i always seem to be around them so no excuses]

Get a scholarship [or 2]

Raise that GPA.

Drive legally. [embarrassingggg]

Save about 85% of my earnings....I kind of have the feeling I'm going to need it soon.

Take my own advice & find my own happiness.

This year is going to be much different, I can feel it.


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