Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BET & Black Women : What do YOU think?

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Body Fusion

Friday, April 22, 2011

Who is Tennille?

I remember first hearing Tennille's voice on the Cool Kids' song "Jump Rope." Recently she dropped Tennillmatic, a 10 song mixtape of similarly smooth songs. She may be a new favorite of mine. Her voice is so soft but a lot of the things she sings about are edgy. And she can spit a bit. Its the perfect blend. One of my favorites from the mixtape is the song "Phelps," with a hook that quotes one of Biggie's famous lines...which one?? I'm not telling! Go check it out for yourself!


Donald Trump - Mac Miller

The Mac attack!

I have to give props to this dude. A Pittsburgh native, he started locally and hopped onto the scene in the midst of the Taylor Gang shine. He's worked with 9th wonder and collaborated with several different artists already. I like his music because its not this make believe lifestyle. He's a young one but someones gotta be the voice for this new generation yeah? All those gangsta dudes got replaced with fashion forward bloggers and 420 friendly hipsters. I'd like to see where he goes from here. If you haven't yet, check out his semi-new mixtape "Best Day Ever."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Do you know what today is?

Today is that day that's kind of like the elephant in the room. Especially on campuses. When they say "Everybody's doing it" it almost seems true lately, especially with everyone reppin' Taylor Gang/ Jet Life. I feel like this "trendy habit" may be growing into something more though. I mean, at the end of the day, people are going to do what they want to do, but I've seen so many ambitious people lose their focus. Celebrities have glamorized reefer-toking and its influence is quite evident on their viewers. However, those kids who wait anxiously every week for Khalifa's most updated "My Day Today" video, don't realize that THAT lifestyle is not reality for everyone. We're in school and trying to get jobs to clean up the mess that the older generation dropped on us. An occasional high can be fun but how will we ever move forward if everyone's "too smacked" to comprehend? I'm not dogging the herbals. They come from Earth. I think they were put here for a reason just like everything else in the world but too much of ANYTHING isn't good. So basically, when Rick James asked "Do you love me Mary Jane?," I'm pretty sure the answer was yes with consideration that she's a selfish lover, demanding all of her prey's time and (many) ambitions. I guess its illegal for a reason, yeh?

And with that, Happy 420 readers!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Nudes & Neons

The transition from the brisk winter into the sunny, warm spring is always an exciting. The sun starts beaming and the skin starts to show. More people log off their twitter accounts and actually go outside to enjoy each others' company. Things get more personal. With the new season comes new fashion, duh. So I'm pretty excited about the newness coming.
I'm a sucker for bright colors, I feel that without some kind of illumination in my outfit I'm just a blur. I'm pretty hype that nudes and neons are making a comeback. I feel that the creativity will return. Ladies, you better go cop your jumpsuits and your wedges early. I spotted some Matiko sandals to die for. Lol Butttt I'm going to be a little petty and not post them until their en route to my apt. They already sold out once, can you blame me.
But yes, spring and the fresh new beginnings it brings. I love this time of the year!

Eyes of Medusa - Kevin Senatra & Elle Maxwell [narrated by Juh Neigh]

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