Tuesday, December 30, 2008


His big bitch of a car wont reverse soooo no xbox. no movies. no company. and plenty of mini cheesecakes. Ah. Well, thanks to my friend Bitty [check her blog btw: kickznbeats.blogspot.com] I will be waking up at the crack of dawn to scoop her from the metro. We are deff both lovely people in the AM hours...psh. Then my boys have the nerve to txt me [yeh so i gave in to the habit lol] saying they will be scooping me at 10am to go to the gym. :[
Sooo I know my resolution is to get back in shape but I was deff stressing that for NEXT year...meaning thursday? Ahaha how fckng lazy am I? Ahh lol! Still no plans for new years. Shay & I figured if it comes down to it we'll just jack some bottles from the Bottom Dollar, get naked, and run around the mean streets of 22191. Sounds good to me. Sound free to me!! Whoop.
Wellllll dk what to do with myself so scholarship browsing? I'd love next semester to be magically cheaper. lol


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