Sunday, January 11, 2009

Leaving on the next plane


Heading back to the colorful streets of Richmond today. Im kinda grumpy as my last weekend was madd whack. But mayebe it was good that I stayed in cuz I deff wouldn't have packed until...well, now. Found out that I still have the room to myself! woop!!Trying to convince the mom to take me to get some [good] chicken alfredo before its back to shafer goodness. Ahh this is all kinda bittersweet. Roblehs getting all my anger right now but im excited to paint my nails again & see my 7th floor sistas!
Whoop! Should go shower and get ready to hit the road but conveniently, Vegas Vacation is on tv. Back when I was like 10 i was the BIGGEST TV head. Like I swear I watched anything and EVERYTHING on tv. And this used to be my absolute favorite movie. ahaha. Well, See ya in the city!


kickznbeats said...

take me with you...

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