Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get Your Hurrr Did.

So im going to color my hair. When I get bored I tend to change my appearance...eh. Sooo Im going to lighten it again and of course cut because I'm the queen of chop chop! But yeah, looking at different ways to dye it because typical is so.....well, typical. Ms. Santagold popped into my head so googled her and found pics from her Fader Magazine spreads. I came across this dope pic! Deff looks like something I'd be caught doing. Check the leggings man. Anywho, not to idolize but photography is bomb. Still waiting on my photoshoot, Juicy J.C.!


kickznbeats said...


im thinkin you should lean more toward this look... its a new year. new look =]


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