Tuesday, December 30, 2008


His big bitch of a car wont reverse soooo no xbox. no movies. no company. and plenty of mini cheesecakes. Ah. Well, thanks to my friend Bitty [check her blog btw: kickznbeats.blogspot.com] I will be waking up at the crack of dawn to scoop her from the metro. We are deff both lovely people in the AM hours...psh. Then my boys have the nerve to txt me [yeh so i gave in to the habit lol] saying they will be scooping me at 10am to go to the gym. :[
Sooo I know my resolution is to get back in shape but I was deff stressing that for NEXT year...meaning thursday? Ahaha how fckng lazy am I? Ahh lol! Still no plans for new years. Shay & I figured if it comes down to it we'll just jack some bottles from the Bottom Dollar, get naked, and run around the mean streets of 22191. Sounds good to me. Sound free to me!! Whoop.
Wellllll dk what to do with myself so scholarship browsing? I'd love next semester to be magically cheaper. lol

Gambling Man

So this is deff how I intend on ending my 2008.
[on my a$s, seeing swirls!]
lets hope it works out that way. Knowing my friends, we still don't know where we're celebrating. But we pretty much live it best when we wing things, right brit? Anywho,
today was filled with activity and gambling.
I lost terribly at pool [3 times] and now owe my good friend Bleh a homemade cheesecake and supposedly have to feed it to him in my undies? Uhhhmm.....granny panties much? Lol! Nah only kidding! Oh yeah and I cant text all day....ahh my addiction!
But Anywho, I DID win the ping pong bet so he has to bring Nashay and Mannie up here tonight for movies and xbox. yay! I live like 15 miles from my loves so it gets lonely out here. Gotta make deals to get people to visit. Damn! ahah Well anywho, better get on that cheesecake before they get here!
Tomorrow im gonna party like its 1999!

All Hail Mighty Thrift Shops

Bringing in the new year in these.
Found them in Richmond.
Rumors to be exact.
Original Retail: $52
Find: $10
i didnt think twice.
Couldnt find the heart to wear them down there though.
They're too "G" for me.
Back in the D.M.V. though
& i can do what I want here.
& Im doing it.
[zippers btw in case u cant see them.]
dope sht.

Sameul L. Jackson Hates Eggs


So Bitty never came.She ended up feeling sick so I knew my so called "messy monday" wouldnt be so messy. Lounged for a while and finally escaped the high rise of elders and made it out to the most expensive theater in town. Two of my dudes, Josh [pssycat] & Shandy intended on seeing Seven Pounds however, Shandy's timing was off leading us to go see The Spirit instead. I always thought Frank Miller's other movies [300; Sin City] were kinda cool with the dark filming and use of red. Butttt, I guess this one didnt quite catch our attention . However, I do believe someone behind poor Josh suffered Tourette sydrome....ahhh
We left.
Then Josh's "incident".
Good luck with that one tomorrow, love! Anywho, went back home early, like 10ish thinking my night was kaput but conveniently the broham wanted to travel south to see his woman...so i decided to make a visit to my good friend Robleh, who woke me up with 6 text messages. We ended up discussing future plans, childhoods, and family finances. Sign that we're growing? yeh maybe.
I swear we're the definition of bittersweet. Cant seem to shake each other. Eh, but why would we want to? He blows me all the time but we always end up on good terms.
I think I got my best friend back :]

Anywho...not looking forward to tomorrow. Having a feeling there's nothing in store for me. But calling it a night like now anyways. I slept till 3 today :/
Ahhh well, one more day of 2008!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Slow Sundays

SO i literally spent all day at home on the computer. Friends were faking but good things come tomorrow! Really, one of my besties, Britt Higdo, is heading up from the boonies & we are getting our party schmarty on! :] or maybe just a kickback. But things get pretty wild with my friends. Point blank, im excited. OMG Can you believe its the end of 08?

Forget "Dick in a Box"

For Me?

i'd sheet myself. deff would rock out like everyday, drop outta school and become the female jimi hendrix. start playing with my teeth like sht. Kitty & i would go far. You'd cop the album too.


So now that the holidays are nearly over, the sun is making a comeback! :] Very happy about that, though it is a bit odd. Back down in Richmond [today] it is 70 degrees! I thought it warmed up around February but im definitely not complaining! Now that its warm out, maybe people will want to go exploring DC yeh? Hit me up! <3

Current Events

In case you weren't aware, those of you engulfed by the small talk of Hollywood news, Israel and Palestine are having further conflict. More and more people are being wounded and killed. You probably feel bad for a second but really don't care but I think itsw time we wake up towhats happening in the world, in case you didn't know. Obviously, im not even all that knowledgable on the situation [yes im blasting myself] but I think we should all check into the news sometimes. Its good to know whats going on. :/


Regardless of the nature of this song,

I knew like every word of it when I was 5. It was like my favorite. aahaha! One of those feel good on a sunny day jams. I love how my parents raised me on sht like this.

Boys Suck

So, I thought I went to bed late yesterday. Fell asleep at like 4. But like three of my best friends from completely different locations called me at odd hours complaining about their dudes and how they screwed them over or something of that nature. I can completely relate, as we all have been in this situation but eh. at 4, 5, 6 in the morning? It always seems to happen after the sun goes down. I say we deactivate out love at about 6pm, yeh? Then, afterdark we all just be cutty buddies yeh? ahah Im the WORST kind of person but eh. One of my besties had a Winehouse night. Not going into details but I would definitely not recommend that. Still waiting on her call to see if she's okay =/ If i see the dude who pushed her to this point again [i know who it is, grew up with him] im giving him the biggest eye jammie. That's a bet.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Before there was N*E*R*D

i was hooked.

i miss them :/

Time for Giving

So, since its all wintery and people suddenly decide that it's kosher to provide for those in need, i thought it was appropriate to address this cool organization i saw on Current TV [yes, the journalism channel...cliche for me, right? shut up i love it!]. But yeh, basically its the "ebay" for people who'd rather put their money to good use. You go on there and look at different profiles of different entrepreneurs from developing countries. When you find one you're interested in, you can donate $25 or more to that person so they can buy something useful to their business, such as a sewing machine orrr a cow or whatever they need to get started. Then when they start to get things going they pay you back the amount you donated..[but honestly, i dont think i'd want a reimburstment....u know?] But yeah, point blank, instead of coppin' those Weezy Tickets or that tempting dress you just HAD to have, put those dollars to good use. Feed someone, sht! That is all.

Sincerest Apologies

So, I am very aware of the time frame since my last post. Times is hard for this college student. Life got a tad bit hectic with a gabillion finals and an unexpected breakup. I kinda lost myself for a while... But, not to fret on the past! Things have [and still are] brightened up. Its winter break and I must say the time off was well needed. My broham moved back in with my mom for a while so the experience has been better. He's my brotha from the [same] motha! lol yes. But anywho, I was reminded the other day of this cool chick Kellz about my blog [yes, i admit it, i abandoned & forgot about it] buttt I have returned. Figured that extra couch potatoe time could be useful to helping my journalism skills.

Soooo anywho, today is Saturday...saturday night to be exact. The plan was to go out to club Love with some people from my old graduating class but instead of slapping on the pounds of mascara, skimpy clothes that my mom secretly would not approve of but dare not comment on, and spending a whopping $20 on admission [did I mention its the end of the december & im past broke!?], i decided to stay in and eat sloppy joes and yes, hit up my sweet blog instead. Its all good tho. My mom's office has become the family internet cafe. It's cute. We all have our laptops and just doin our own thing...as a family...lol. GREAT family values we have these days; yes times HAVE changed. But, seriously, the relaxation is enjoyable. ANYWHO, that was my update. Not too detailed cuz im trying to forget the past few months but trust, i think i;ll be more consistant this time around. My academic advisor says blogging is good for me. Who knows! Maybe its just what i needed.
PS> the pic looks really cheesy gay but i felt it was appropriate. ive grown very fond of green couches lately.

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