Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pretty Girls - Wale

Pretty girls in the DMV, stand up!
lol Basically.
This used to be my favorite song. =]

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nike Gladiators

Need. Want. Gotta Have. Summer is coming!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maybe We Can Go See A Matinée

Since the Valentine's day gun range thing was a bust [you have to be 21, with a gun and a gun license] I got another idea. There is a drive-in movie theater in Goochland, VA. It's like $7 to get in but you can't bring in outside food, unless you're diabetic or on a special diet. But, you can order one of their Goochdogs (no lie)!! I think they show classic movies, but they might show new ones too. It hasn't opened yet, since its still pretty chilly out but around the end of March, its on! Perfect movie date; its more intimate and extraordinary. I love it! Too bad its like 40 mins away from RVA, but I'm willing to make that trip. Good idea yeh?
Thank me later!

The Crazies



In my Cult Classic / Midnight Movies film class, we watched George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead." It was the first zombie film that actually showed the guts being eaten & gave zombies an actual look. I thought it was cool because the protagonist was african-american actor, Duane Jones. Romero said that he simply chose the best actor. When asked if he wanted to edit the script to emphasize the race difference, he refused. I liked how it just flowed. Naturally it drew attention, but audiences just went with it, despite the era it was made. It became a hit.
And he wasn't the first to die; He was actually the only survivor...well, until...nah I won't spoil it.

But anywho, Romero also made the original "The Crazies" movie, that they recently remade. I posted both trailers. Interesting concept. I'm not a huge fan of remakes but as far as scary movies go, I prefer the older ones better. At least their ideas, anyway.The Shining still gives me the creeps.

Monday, February 22, 2010

AirMax 95 Neons

My good friend Dalla Dalla Billz told my these would look good on my feet. I don't own any 95s. I think I did once in like 4th grade but yeh. They're pretty schweet for spring. What do you think?

Strobelight Honey - Black Sheep

This song makes me think of my family. They jam to this one lol.
I miss them =/

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love Game

My love has been put to the test recently. Its difficult to address certain situations without referring back to your past, though our memories can often be misleading. I've been through a number of things in my life that has affected the way I deal and interact with others. And when something happens that looks like it might end up being a repeat of something tough I've been through, usually at the first signs of it I flee. Fear of feeling those ways again. However, its a test of love.
Sure, whatever happened was minor, but it still had a heavy affect on me.
Though things are a bit scrambled and weird right now,
I still hold it together.
Not because I'm stuck or stubborn but because I know what we have right now
is worth more than that.
Sht happens and people make mistakes.
I'm FAR from perfect.
So far I need GPS, a map, and a flare gun to get there.
But when it came down to it, in the particular situation,
I chose love.
& I chose it for a reason.
I'm not a fool for love anymore, I've been well past that stage.
At this point, its a different approach.
It's about happiness and wellbeing.
At the end of the day, you have to step outside of your situation, look from the outside and consider the effects of your actions.

Its called decision-making. & none of us are masters at it.
But I dont regret my decision and I stand by it.
for us.

You have to be careful what you do when dealing with certain people. Everyone's been through SOMETHING. YOU have to give respect to that.

Thats all.

So you know, we are still the in-your-face couple that you love to hate, so dont act brand new.
I still love him dearly & vice versa.


Its Jiggaboo Time - The Pharcyde

This is how I feel in the clubs sometimes.
Right when Waka Flaka comes on.
It starts and everyone gets SOOOOO hype.
Hell, even I start bouncing a little.
& Then I notice how...coontastic... it is.
And everyone screams out "Drug dealin music...I influence."
Then I'm like.... ahhh nah man. I can't take part.
I'll sit this one out.
Have you ever gone out and just watched?
Like really, people watching in the club is something compleeeetely different than in a mall or in a park.
& That's NOT boughee talk. I really feel that "dancing and partying" has a totally different definition that it did like 10 years ago. Maybe less than that!
Anywho, its jiggaboo time.


I forgot to mention I sold out and got that relaxer. I figured, it's about to be swimming pool, beach season. That means, a lot of after swimming hair. The way it was looking, after swimming, I would have to SPEED home to conceal my hair. It was a bit rough. So Its back to straight now.
Oh yeah, and bangs too. lol
Might throw some color in soon.
OR will the scissors be in effect ?
Stay tuned to find out.


VCU people, at least the ones I know, have this tendency to randomly wake up & go get piercings or tattoos out the blue. Jabari decided to start gaging his ears, even though he only had one ear pierced. They had to punch through the other one with this crucial looking needle, but apparently he says it didn't hurt.
Piercings creep me out. =/
But yeh, I like them. I wasnt sure if I would but they dont look bad at all. Wonder how big he's gonna go though. Hmmm we'll see.
Courtney T. and I are already plotting our next move.

B-Side Reclamation Project

As I'm up early on this Sunday afternoon, determined to do my homework before 3am Monday, I [of course] make a pit stop to blogspot, for you all craving your sugar high.
I'm supposed to be creating a news story for my Mass Comm class in like a week & I'm still struggling to find a topic. That's always the problem.
But today, by blog-surfing, I think I might have found my idea.
On highsnobette I saw the new necklaces by Ken & Dana that have pieces of firearms.
But the best part is the line is supported by a gun buyback program to help reduce gun violence. They start at $50 and all profit is 100% donated to the program.
I think that's pretty dope.
I might just write about it. Its only 500 words.
The sun is coming back out and I think with the combination of the gym and weather is giving me a new feeling of ambition. I like it. Trying to get involved in positive things.

Sounds about right. Who's with me?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

F0 Grumpy Pants

So, I don't know if its me, the weather, or the fact that I only have 3 more b/c pills before the green ones start [fml] but uh, today is one of those rant days. I swear swear swear I'm not normally like this but winter months always get the best of my esteem & temper. I hate it.
Bought my spring break tickets to Florida so my pockets are a little on the light side,
and SINNNNNCE I'm going to [sunny i hope] florida, I'm trying to lose the winter hibernation chub.
Like those cheap furniture stores say, ALL OF IT MUST GO!!!
But yeh, so in that process i'm spending my evenings killing myself in the land of sweat & heavy metal....the gym.. & only eating Salads & Fruit [i can eat dinner though....gotta have my dinner!]
Jabari & I made an agreement to straighten our lives out.
He cut out pizza =]
& we both decided to save our bad habits for the weekend, meaning weekdays are focused on school & gym.
My belly feels crazy right now.
Maybe I o.d.'d on the crunches, or maybe because I quit food, cold turkey.
Whatever it is, its making me completely irritable.
Like I can't even tumble on tumblr today.
All the celebrity obsessing is making me want to earrrl.
Yum much?
I didn't think so.

Have you ever had that feeling where everything seems superficial?
I swear there have been days where I've just sat back and thought that I was DEFINITELY born in the wrrrrrooooong time period.
Im over everything right now. I miss real goals and priorities.
But we're all brainwashed, so who cares?
Yeh, I think a new hobby is needed.

Oh! No more moving to KY.... more on that later tho. night homies <3

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today I was surfing and decided to stop by highsnobette and I came across some cute Adidas x Fafi shoes for Spring 2010. Then on tumblr, someone post this ill cartoon-type drawing that I thought was cute and they mentioned it was by their favorite artist, Fafi. I ended up googling this Fafi and saw a lot of her art. Very cute, I must say. I love the colors and girly-ness of it all. Some of the peices contributes to my next potential tattoo idea. NO PROMISESE THO! lol I might be done with my ink. The world may never know.
here are just a few to give you a feel of what I'm talking about. I might just have a new obsession lol

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh yeh &...

Pharrell is back to his grungy look & I'm loving every bit of it.
Reminds me of the In Search Of days.


We are snowed inside in what everyone is starting to call the Snowmageddon. I'm not even trying to go outside. Me + Snow = No No. I'm very clumsy when it comes to ice. No thanks. But thankfully for my English 200 class I have plenty of homework to keep me busy >=) Thanks.

Luckily, I have my boyfriend & groceries on deck & my lovely little blogspot to keep me sane. Very lovely combination, I must say myself.

Well anywho,
Off to do some of this hw.
Be back soooon <3

Street Talkin - Slick Rick x Outkast

Every now and then, I thank the Lord that my mom raised me on great hip hop classics.

Because if it were otherwise, my whole ipod would be a What the Flaka hot mess.

Thank you Lord, for your insight.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Top That

I remember when I was young, I was the biggest tv head. The things my mom used to watch back in the day, I would know all the lines to.

Ok maybe thats not true. But I do know a lot of television.

Back then I loved old 80s teen pop films.
Teen Witch was one of my favorites.
I thought I would share this milestone of cheesy white kids with an ill beat and some fresh lines. lol

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

American Rebel - Amber Rose

American RebeL- Persona Magazine Vol 1. from PERSONA MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

So idk, theres huge hype on Amber Rose right now but I've never even heard her talk. She's pretty & dresses dope but she's like a walking mannequin. But anywho, this video is dangerously close to looking a bit skin-headish. Which makes me even more curious. What's your agenda, Miss Rose? Well anywho, its still dope. watch & enjoy. <3

Hot Like Fire

I was never a fan of mace, even though I live in the inner city of Richmond and probably should be more protective but i mean, look at it. Isn't it cute? Maybe I can use it on the rude BP cashier. She def almost felt the wrath of my backhand last night. NO CLUE why she's always so bitter to me. *shrugs* Can't win them all!

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