Friday, October 24, 2008

attn seeker

In the town of Richmond, they say you must be alert at all times...but, if you are, you start noticing things out of the ordinary...Walking with my posse to one of our 2 boutiques [ thnk goodness for those!] we found a sign for hula hooping pedestrians & an offer that we couldn't turn down!

...or so we thought. Ahaha. Wow, this city is....different.
By the way, I know I have been slacking on blogs. This week has been a rough one. No time on my hands whatsoever...buuuut looks like no one reads it anyway.
k thanks =]

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hairy Knees on Fees?

I was in Statistics Wednesday, last real class before fall break and im just really focused on getting out of there and going home & I can't help but notice, this chick beside me with those uber preppy ripped denim. Surprisingly...i see a bush of hair peeking at me on her kneecap. I had to double take (like 3 times) to make sure it was actually a girl. Do you guys think this European trend is okay on dude-ish girls? Or should they surrender to the razor?

Sunday, October 12, 2008


i have not abandoned my dear old blog. School has been hectic. in the past 5 days I have had nights where I haven't went to bed until 6:30. Tonight is not one of those nights by the way. But weekend recap..going backwards..Today I saw Bill Clinton. Very random sight to see. He was at VCU for an Obama rally. Had to miss it, due to a study group but I did catch a glimpse of his posse of cop cars and his SUV. He was waving...funny how the position of president appears to be more fun....hmm. Anywho, Saturday night was interesting. Plans of attending a glow in the dark party turned into a mosh pit of students complete with cops and mace. We hurried out of there and roamed around with some cool kids who call themselves "infamous." Very cool peoples. Umm, Friday was the sleepover. We hopped crews. Starting with our original guys Nikko, Jarred, & Stephen @ the hookah bar, we ended up with Josh, Derrick, Tim, & Justin. We ended up on my end and called it a night. Whats a sleepover without playing "salon"? >>
I'd have to say this weekend was lively but now its time for class again. yay. =/ goodnight lovers.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mission Statement

Hello, yo [as my friend Stephen would say]! This blog is probably as irrelevant as the next, however [hopefully] it will be just as entertaining. I'm currently a journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University in the vintage [extra emphasis on vintage] city of Richmond. Just starting my journey, I am learning to network and seek internships & [if i get lucky] job opportunities. My biggest goal is to end up in the lovely New York City. This blog is being created for journalism practice as I am striving to become a a writer for a dope ass magazine. My current favorites include Missbehave Magazine (the sister magazine of Mass Appeal), Mass Appeal, Nylon, and Giant (its a dudes read but eh, its interesting). Newspapers will also never go out of style...especially in our interesting times. Anywho, before I begin to ramble on about the world and its crazy ways, this is only supposed to serve as an introduction to my many thoughts and findings [thanks to dorm boredom]. I promise I wont let you down!
-sincerely f0fanny.

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