Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1980s Betsey

Since tomorrow is payday, im catching the urge to splurge again. Realllly craving some Georgetown shopping lately. One of my favorite spots is Annie Creamcheese. They sell the cool vintage stuff. JUST realized they have an online shop! Browsing through, I stumbled upon this 1980s Betsey Johnson jumpsuit. It caught my eye for obvious reasons. If you have spare time [and spare change!] go check it out.

(Via Annie Creamcheese)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jimmy Choo x H&M

Ok so, technically I can't say this since its still September but Im pretty much too excited to hold back. Since October is in 2 days, Im gonna go ahead and spill the beans. Jimmy Choo is finally gonna release their line with H&M in a month! November that is. That gives broke college kids the oppurtunity to feel a little an affordable price? Hmmm, we'll see. But Im still super hyped about it! :]

Read Up on it

Hello Kitty x Reebok

Woke up to find these in my inbox, courtesy of Cournee. No release date yet. Eff! Don't get em though, We have dibs lol!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Google Her!

For some reason I have big love for underground ATL. I accidentally ran into Brittany Bosco's music a couple years ago (she's actually from Savannah). Happy now that people are finally starting to hop on though. She is currently on tour and has a new album dropping this fall, "Bosco Black". Check her out. My favorite song by her is City of Nowhere. Wake Up and Stop Sleeping on Good Artist! :] (thats your wake up call, no snooze button, no excuses.)

Check her out: Brittany Bosco

Opening Ceremony x Spike Jonze

To celebrate the new movie, Where the Wild Things Are (See movie trailer a few posts down), Opening Ceremony and Pamela Love have created a limited edition line consisting of faux fur and wooly pieces. Some are even complete with tail and ear pieces! They also have jewlery and belt pieces. The line drops Sept. 28 (Thats tomorrow). Go check it outtt. That last jacket is sick i must say! :] Good look for winter.

(via Opening Ceremony)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looks Like Someone's Been Doing the Herbal

For those nights that insomnia creeps up and you find yourself bored, alone, and wide awake at 4am when everyone is off dreaming it up, this is the perfect movie for you. An adventure of an herbally-influenced chick who catches a bad case of the munchies and ends up eating a whole batch of her weirdo roommate's space cupcakes. & then her journey begins.

Its not really the best movie to watch in the daytime with a bunch of your friends. I mean, you could, but your not gonna get that same, High Action, Sexy people, Dramatic, Thrill ride, Plot twists, yada yada that you usually look for in movies. Nah, this is one of those, hmmm nothing to do, lets see what shes up to, type of things. Don't get me wrong though, it is quite entertaining. lol. I like it anyway. Check it outtt.

Google Them!

The Kickdrums are my new N*E*R*D runner ups. They have more of an indie sound but they also do calabos with Kid Cudi, MGMT, and everybodys favorite person, Kanye. You know how a lot of music you have to listen to a couple times to actually get into it. Well, this isn't that type of thing. It was love at first beat. DONT SLEEP ON THEM! Google them. Zshare them. Become a bigger fan than me! Whatever floats your boat, don't miss out on something great.

Where the Wild Things Are

So Im pretty sure this will be one of those movies that you drop a tear to. Maybe its that inner child or maybe im just too in-tuned with things. I dunno but I'll definitely be seeing this movie. If you EVER had a childhood I know you have some kind of interest in this movie. I mean, who didn't read this book [and love it??]. So don't sleep on it. We're all a little WilD.

Blacks do it better?

New pilot from Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, comes out tomorrow on Fox. Kinda curious on how it's gonna be. From the look of the commercials it looks funny and everyone loves the controversy of Family Guy so we'll see how it goes when they throw some ethnicity in it. Hmmm lol

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So Ambitious - JayZ ft. Pharrell

I think we have a new favvvvoriiite!

So Ambitious [Jay-Z + Pharrell] (Explicit Album Version) - Jay-Z

When Times Get Rough...

Moms are the best. Had the crappiest day ever so I called my mom to spill. The next day I find a fat envelope in the mailbox that usually is empty, minus food coupons. She sends me these little girl Hello Kitty clips. I probably wont use them but omg how cute. She knows the deal with hello kitty. Cournee and I have her tatted on us. We should work in Sanrio....better yet we should own sanrio. But anywho, this was definitely the highlight of my day. I love you mom. lol

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Straighten Your Hair & Plant a Tree!

The beloved CHI broke so had to invest in a new flat iron. Knew it would cost a grip so had to do my research. Comparing the ratings, FHI is CHI's running mate. Apparently it's made by the same manufacturers though. But anywho, decided to try the new route and go with the FHI (which works wonders). I thought it was cute, they had different colors for different causes. Course, for the sake of Bambino, my bamboo plant, i got the FHI Earth. If you buy it, they plant trees. :] yay for earth and cleaner air! It makes you feel a little better about that $120 you had to dish out. They gave me a complementary gift tho: Brush, Clips, & some goop they call "Hot Sauce". Hmmm interesting. R.I.P CHI!

The Connoisseur Magazine

The Connoisseur Magazine brought back my inspiration to write because I was definitely heading back down the culinary track. But anywho, The C Mag is pretty much the shiza. It's a local magazine ran by students and young f0lk that covers everything you care about basically :] lol. Art, Fashion, Culture, Music, and Local Events for the Richmonders. And just because its based in Richmond, don't think we don't expand our horizons, we go there. And by "we" i mean "we". They hired me as their newest writer. My first article being on the Travelers movement, a group of anti conformists kids who hop trains and panhandle their way across the country. But don't think its a negative, they were reallllly laid back & pleased with their lifestyle. Its an interesting concept if you don't mind a little dirt. But back to the cmag, lucky for you, its online :] so go check it out!

Ashish x Nike

Not released yet. But if it sparkles & has a big bold nike logo, its fine by me!

Goons Vs. Goonies

For the love of Becky.
So, Plies has done it again & this time he has managed to scar the name Becky for the next couple of years. Sir Mix A Lot did it back in '92, making "Becky" the hater of curves with "OMG Becky! Look at her butt!" All fun and games though. But, yeh, i definitely think Plies pretty much sealed the deal. If your name is currently Becky, I'd suggest going by your middle name for a while. Or just boycott bad rappers. Either way, Beckys stand up. This song is for you. :]

Yeah Yeah..

So, it's definitely been a while but you know what, that is a good thing. Hiatus is for the busy people. The world is full of busy people. Apparently, I've found some free time, thanks to lovely 4 day weekends. :] I do apologize for the absence, but im back! Shittiest summer ever so fall has to be amazing! Yeh? Better be. Or else winter is gonna have to step it up all the way. New year, new habits, new people, new jobs, new music, new style, new things. Keeping you updated!

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