Thursday, January 1, 2009

Please Stand By.

Atlanta, Georgia is know for introducing a majority of today's Southern musicians as they tend to have a unique sense of state pride and a particular laid-back style. However, those who haven't truly heard everything Atlanta has to offer may automatically assume that all artists from the "dirty south" are only capable of producing "snap music", boasting of materialistics, and "shawty"-dialect. If you take a closer look, you can realize the talent that Atlanta truly holds.

Currently on the come-up, the Chicago native, A.Ware, has dropped his second album, titled Please Stand By. It is a collaboration of spacey meets jazzy beats and clever, unique lyrics that almost everybody who obtains feelings can relate with. His first album, Take It Or Leave It, focuses more on his lifestyle and his journey of moving upward into the music scene. Please Stand By offers more sounds for the lovers. It's the perfect rebound for Kanye's Heartbreaks and 808s, which I think got most of us down in the dumps, yeh? It's a good album to bump to while you're just lounging. Very relaxing. I've been stuck on "Ain't the Same" for a few months now. Also, just got hooked to "9 Outta 10".
A.Ware I must say I'm proud of you! :] You've left me impressed.

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