Friday, March 30, 2012

Video Games - Lana Del Rey

I'm really beginning to sound like a hopeless romantic here but my boyfriend put me on to this song. Everything about it is so carefree. In my opinion, Lana Del Rey's voice screams old, legendary country music. A lot of people knock country music but one thing that is admirable about it is it's dedication to the classics. Her voice is deep and eerie, yet sultry in its own way. I LOVE IT! The song is so simple. I think this is what's best about it. During the year we're mostly running around crazy, caught up in the stresses of life and obligations but there is something about the summertime and heat that slows the pace and gives us a chance to catch our breath.
Its about sweet summer love and all of the simple things that go with it. I love the vintage feel of the video. We're a generation that recreates [and often this isn't always a good thing] but Del Rey's rendition of this classic sound is not overdone or underdone. This song makes me anxious for walks by the river, swimming pools, and...well, video games with my love that we usually don't get the time to enjoy during the rest of the year. I'm excited to hear the rest of her album!

Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye ft. Kimbra

I would have posted this a while ago but since I just got off of hiatus, you must forgive my tardiness. Anywho, this duet of Gotye and Kimbra kind of touches home, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I often find post-relationships so odd. When you're with someone, there are always the typical stages: the crush, infatuation, comfort, annoyances, Awkwardness, and the point of no return (o_0 ) [yikes!]. Most of us have experiences a few of these, if not all. I definitely have! If you think about it though, isn't it strange how a stranger can turn into your everything. I'm talking about your every waking moment and your dreams. Some people even change their entire life goals for the convenience of the person that they love. But when that break up happens and time mends things, sometimes you let that person [who was once your everything] fade away.

Not to be all sappy. I know some are reading this like yeah yeah whatevuuuh. But seriously though. If you think back to the people that you have seriously dated in the past and look at how you interact with them now, a lot of times these people end up being strangers again, as they were in the first place. So when this happens, does that mean that time didn't count? Do memories fade too? And it always seems that its harder for one person to move on than the other. Have you ever reconnected with an ex? Call me pessimistic but I definitely have and it is NEVER the same as it was before.

I feel that this song illustrates this awkward reverse of events and brings up a good point that many of us don't even realize.

Can It Be??

Hello My Sweet-Tooths,

I've been on uber hiatus. SERIOUS hiatus. Clearly. It's my senior year of college and I have grad schools to apply for and jobs to get. You know how hectic this life can get. Now, I know that Americans are competitive by nature, but for me, I tend to abandon things when I see people hopping on the bandwagon and destroying something good. I'm guilty of that hipster-like mentality. However, I've been talking to a lot of creative people who feel the same as I do and we all agree that it is time to reclaim our reign as artists, bloggers, photographers, videographers, musicians, etc. I mean, there isn't a better time right? What is the world does end in December? I can't live (or not live rather) with giving up. Sooooo, with that, I do declare, Second Hand Sugar High is officially making a comeback. Granted, it might be a rocky start. I'm currently waiting for a call back for a third job and preparing for the GRE (the grad school SAT), so bare with me yeh? I'm here to bring you insightful thinking from my weird little brain and if you stick around you might like what you see. Plus, over my hiatus I've gotten way better at photography, audio journalism, and video [I invested in a kickass camera]. It shall be funnnn. :)
Tune In Sweet things.

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