Thursday, January 28, 2010

I would

sell half of my wardrobe, eat a bucket of worms, & sit on a kitty for this guitar.

Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice is a shoe company out of London but they have a store in Soho. I almost passed it but it had like a psychedelic color scheme with like unicorns and cupcakes. I HAD to go in. lol. im such a girl. But yeh, usually they sell trainers but this is the first pair that actually looks like some ill kicks. I'd definitely wear them =]

"Girls fantasize,
on school trips to galleries,
of men who don't meet their parents' expectations;
Who want to introduce them to illicit Russ Meyer films
& dance till dawn to old kinks records.
These are the things you don't understand. "

Fulwood Babylon
The Long Blondes

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My Ipod was heavy on Mos today on the shuffle. Put me in that mellow humble mood. Check out Auditorium on the streets of Tokyo.

To Spell It Out A Bit...

I'm writing this post in the least morbid way possible but I've been wondering a lot lately about belonging.

Like, for instance, between classes we sometimes sit outside & people watch. A lot of people look the same. People are discussing the same things, stressing the same issues, going to the same places everyday.

Maybe its me. Maybe my upbringing didn't prepare me correctly. Moving every three years, starting new, seeing new places. Being a journalism student, studying everything that's new. & To make things even better, not giving an ounce of a fck. [excuse my dirty english] But all these elements of my upbringing are making me more of an....idk, wouldn't say outcast but I'm not into the conformity. I get bored with things quicker than ever these days and always wanting something new. Someplace new to go. Something new to do. When things get dull, I don't want much to do with is and then I start to become introverted.

Its strange, I LOVE to meet people. & Most of the time, the people that I meet, I end up LOVING them. Friends are important & I cherish everyone. But lately something is holding me back from networking. I want new things.

I want to meet new folks. Party in new places. Talk about things that actually matter, you know?
Just going to New York recently , I see how people are living. Its more me. I feel like there's no holding back & that's exactly what I need. But how can you live your life to the fullest when you're stressing all the eyes who are watching you? People consistently judging and whispering.
I wish people here would just take a little time to stfu & stop worrying about what people think. I guarantee almost everyone has another side to them that people haven't seen.
If people would realize that only God can judge when it comes down to it, more people would start being more open and live freely. & be happy. What the hell are we so concerned about?
When the phrase, "im the realest" becomes a cliche, I think its time we reevaluate our lifestyles.

Therefore in short, I think I'm going to start showing my true self. Not that I've been portraying anyone else but I've been holding back. This doesnt mean I'm going to go around being some reckless beyotch. Just not the quiet girl you see everywhere. No need for anyone's approval. Maybe I'll meet more friends [im in the need of serious networking] & maybe others with shy away from me. & that's fine too.

So if you see me on the street, say hello. & if I'm looking like im in a bit of a daze, its probably because I'm overwhelmed by my generations values.

To be honest, the things that go through my mind are so far from what you probably think I'm thinking about.

Get to know me. Take me as I am. Thats all I ask.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Currently Getting Ready For

A little entertainment on a sunday night.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I think the cypher sessions are the only thing worth-watching on BET. =/
well nowadays at least.
I get excited when I see that screen go greyscale.


Despite the ugly weather, we still found a way to entertain ourselves. Court got a new tattoo & then we hit up Guitar Center with Booki. I had my eye set on a particular electric guitar & amp [they even had a Hello Kitty case!] We also went to Whole Foods to get my bomb fruit bowl. mmm. $20 though! =/ It costs to eat healthy man. But anywho, the sun is finally out. I think I'm gonna go for a walk in the park. =]

found this in a bodega...uuuhh??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2000 Visits!

So I'm in the process of making Second Hand Sugar High look like eye candy again & I realized I've reached 2000 views. =] I love you all.
Today was the 2nd day of classes. My history teacher is an awkward looking woman with squinty eyes and a bit of an underbite but she seemed nice. First judgments, thats all. She might be cool as sht, who knows. Then English 200, the dreaded class. Everything on the syllabus is about working on this 13 page paper for the whole semester. Shouldn't be too bad tho. This chick in class had the fresh perm.
It made me consider relaxing my hair finally. Its like halfway natural... Idk. I probably won't. But anywho,
Today, I don't know if it was the weather or just me getting used to VCU again but I felt like a rebel all day. lol You ever get that feeling where you wanna flip the bird at everyone. lol even the birds? Idk, irritable I guess.
ahah As im typing this is get a text saying "Sup Bxtch"

Crank caller, eh?
Last time I got a crank call/ text on a bad day I posted their number on Facebook, Twitter, all that & got a bunch of people to blow their phone up. They never effed with me again. =)

Well I'm kinda rambling now. Just waiting for my 7pm Cult Classic/ Midnight Movie film class. =] Nerdy but I'm kinda hype to see what its like. lol

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fancy Thoughts

So, it's been sometime since I've actually posted. I know, I know. Countless apologies to who had to go through withdraws of second hand sugar high cold turkey. I know it's been rough but fret no more! I'm back. It's a new semester and while a lot of my peers took the winter break to recuperate from finals and a semester-worth of classes, I went straight back to my little cubicle at Public Affairs with HRC. Although the job is a bit tiring, I love the people I work with, even though they're both at least 30 years older than me. They're cool though.
So, you can imagine, going straight to a 40 + hour a week job directly after finishing finals and all of that, I'm pooped! It was a relief to come back to classes, believe it or not. I only had one today [same class in the same day lecture + lab]. It was Mass Comm 203 and I'm starting to feel inspired. Maybe its the first day of school feeling but it led me back to my blogspot. It's that time to polish my writing skills.CRUncH tiME BaBy!lol .
So, lately I've been trying to figure out things for my future, all that fun stuff. Potential Minors to add to my degree; Where I want to live; What I even want to do career wise. Since I was a wee lad Hatchie Patch, I've felt like God put me here to help people. Not sure exactly how yet.
& sitting in class, the teacher said something that triggered a thought.
I've always seemed to be a bit different than a lot of the people I hang out with but I realize now what that may be.
Being a Journalism student, our lives and inspiration revolves around all things new....That's why they call it the news. But it kind of opened my eyes.
My boyfriend and I always talk about how we don't really fit in in Richmond. I mean, don't get me wrong, the people here are cool and all. Richmond can definitely party. But we both feel like we have this unused potential and personality that people here don't really understand.
The thought I got in class today kinda of fit like a puzzle.
We're kind of ahead of our time, in a way. It's interesting.
I feel new networking is a necessity.
Of course I say all this is the most modest way possible. I'm not one to forget where I came from or the people who were always there. You know?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New York Number 2.5

12:00am Jan. 1st 2010.
We got to our party at 11:52pm.
excuse our hype.

Just came back from my little getaway to New york.
That city has just about everything you could think of. Its so fast paced & even the crazies seem to have been cool once.
Such a suave crowd of people.
Met a lot of New York's come up kids at Club Betty [not an actual club].
If I were in my right mind I would have done a better job of networking.
But I did pretty good for what it was.
New years was lovely.
And despite all of the warnings Booki & I received about Brooklyn,
it wasn't half bad.
I loved it.

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