Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doing the Butt

So wow
so much to tell, but I'll spare you and my fingers. But Im home for the night. Its my moms birthday so she felt it neccessary to drive down and pick me up. Shes so sweet. We had sandwiches and cake and watched movies all day. Love her. Im super tired though. The night before, I spent at Virginia State gettin my boogie on with Imani [her birthday is today too]. It was packed from wall to wall but lucky for us there was Air conditioning! woop. & We were young hollywoods that night. Crazy long line but we were feeling kinda boujee. Walked right to the front & into our party. Petersburg wasnt as bad as its hyped to be. Got to see a buncha people from my past, Los, Marhya, and even Martin from the Germ. Fun! But anywho
This semester has been quite the eventful. Meeting lots of new people and not holding back. Lots of fun. Classes are kinda harder though but I enjoy the challenge.
ahah how cliche. Oh! YTF did we find American Apparel in Richmond along with skateboard shop.Um I know where my monthly allowance is now going! Sht I still have books to buy too.
my hallmates and I are doing the 90 day challenge. Guys vs. Girls. Whoever comes out looking the hottest by end of the sememster has to pay for the others peircings or tatts or some sht. Sounds good to me. I could use a free tat! lol, Anywho, back to watching the Bucket List. It makes me sad that Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickelson are getting old :[
awh man.
Welllp. Later lovers


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