Monday, June 21, 2010

Work Work Work

I have been working like a...well you know. But good news! I got my first big publication [aside from the C mag]. It was written for the entire Army to access. No preassure right. Peep it!

But aside from work, my laptop caught a virus. -_- Bought Norton Utilites with a quickness and im bacccccccccck. But tonight I'm taking it easy. Gonna snuggle up and watch Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elevator Music - Curren$y

Spotted this on my newfound follower's blog [i admit] but I HAD to post this because back when he first dropped this last year I think, it was the first song that made me be like OH! I think I actually do fck with Curren$y. This is before the hypebeasts hopped onto Jet life. But anywho, I had no clue there was a video for this. Its still one of my favorites by him. I wish I was jet living right now tho -_- lol Enjoy

Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser

If you're gonna do it, might as well be safe.

(via condomunity)

My Mixxxy Tape -DaiBurger

So, last new years, Booki and I drunkenly rushed through the snowy, slippery streets of Brooklyn to find this chick's Quiana's house that everyone called CLUB BETTY. We arrived at 11:42pm and just made it for the countdown before we even introduced ourselves. That night turned out to be one of the best party nights ever. I honestly never met such intriguing people that are our age. But anywho, through my drunken stuper I vaguely remember this colorful chick who had a blonde loooong mohawk, carrying a hello kitty water bottle. She looked mad familiar. Then I was like, this girl added me with her music page on myspace [back when myspace was poppin]. I def went up to her and told her that -_- I didn't care how dumb I looked but it turned out to be DaiBurger.
She dropped her new mixtape yesterday called MY MIXXXY TAPE. Its a combination of sensual/ ow owww/ "oh no you di'nt" all in one. But its sooo fun to listen to. I really enjoyed it.
Lucky for you, the mixtape is free! SO go download that jont!

Hump Day

Bet you thought I up and abandoned the sugar high again, huh? Nope! The job had me writing an article about this flag casing ceremony that the ENTIRE ARMY will have access too. No pressure right? Its coming out pretty good though. Oh and I got my license today! About 4 years late but I feel pretty accomplished thankyouverymuch.

Since it's humpday, I wanna give you guys something sexy.

Lets start with Theophilus London's new video by Va$htie.


I think this is so sensual and this song has always been the jam. This is the type of sht Booki and I get into lol. ;) check it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home Decor

Yes it's true. Booki and I are getting our own place together. But don't go jumping to conclusions like we're trying to run off and get married and all that. The original plan was that we find a place with our friends but with time both of those plans failed. Time was running out and there was suddenly an abundance of 2 bedroom spots. I didn't want to live by my lonesome [especially in RVA] so one thing led to another and next thing you know, we're signing the lease at the end of the month. =) Everytime I tell my friends, they automatically ask, "What if you guys break up?" -_- I mean, yeah you have to consider all circumstances but that's why we got a two bedroom. We DONT have to be in each others faces all the time, you know. We look at it as roommate-ism rather than moving in together. Why does it have to be so taboo? Lol we know what it looks like but, eh, who cares. It beats the shitty dorm life.

So anyway, we're starting to look at stuff to turn our spot into what we'd like to call the Treehouse. At first I was looking at the more traditional stuff for our house, just making sure we have the necessities. Then this dude sends me a pic of those goodies up there ^ Titty Pillows. I'm not gonna sleep on any titty pillows [lol] but It made me realize, this is our own space....we can do whatever we like with it. So knowing both of our quirky minds put together, our house might ending up looking something more along the lines of PeeWees playhouse rather than Martha Stewart's idea of good living. I'm really hype about moving in though. Its my first place outside of the dorm, and his as well. I will definitely keep you guys posted on how it comes out. =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Connoisseur Magazine Issue #7

The 7th issue just dropped! I finally made my debut! Check my Tabi Bonney and Joe Scudda interviews. Also catch up with Audi Ammo, biker boy TJ Perry, the lovely Lola Maxwell, film maker Jerome White, and all the other goodies we have waiting for you! Enjoy!

Dr. Martins x Hello Kitty

Not sure how quick I would be to rock these but you know, I have a weakness for the little miss Hello Kitty.

Hypebeast: Wiz Khalifa


You hear it everywhere now.

Wiz Khalifa is definitely the new hype in America's young generation. But what draws the line between fans and hypebeast? Back in December, I went to the Higher Learning show in Richmond in December. Flyers were passed out and the word was spread. When it came to the day of the show, how was the final turnout? Eh, there was a good little crowd of hip hop heads and the obvious stoner kids, but there was definately plenty of room in there for maybe double the crowd that showed up.

After his most recent mixtape OJ and Kush dropped, it seems that everybody, their cousins, and their mothers hopped on the herb blowing, inked up, YEEEEAAH BiTCH bandwagon. For instance, he is performing at the Norva in Norfolk today. Almost everyone I know from 757 is going to be there. But how many of them knew
ANY of his stuff before OJ and Kush? Where were they when he was in RVA?
I'm not knocking people for rocking his music, I'm happy he's finally building his fan base but why all of a sudden? I saw someone tweet : If you wanna hear a real rapper spit some real sh*t listen to Wiz Khalifa."
-_- I love Khalifa as much as the next person but ummm, come on now. You know what dudes about. The herb and the money, honey. And there's nothing wrong with that. He's doing what he enjoys. But don't try to compare his rhymes to that of the more lyrical genius type. He makes music to ride (
and fly) to. Just let it be that. OKAAAAAY!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I smell a comeback

Say Whaaaa?
Yes, Second Hand Sugar High will be returning ( a whole lot better than before I hope ). Everybody's hopping on the blogspot bandwagon so I have to step it up a few notches. It took a while but I promised and you have to keep your word right? Werd.
Still renovating but keep an eye out.

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