Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Piece of Cake - Cupcake Brown

I don't know if I'm the only one but I have this habit of buying books, starting them, and never finishing them. I picked up this book called "A Piece of Cake," almost a year ago, and I never really got too into it until recently. Now I can't put the thing down.
Its a memior of this woman named Cupcake Brown's life.
She starts as anormal little 11 year old girl and with the sudden death of her mother, her life takes a turn for the worst. No kidding, she goes from custody wars to foster parents to prostituion to drugs & alcohol abuse, child abuse, rape, pregnancy, gangs, guns, and on and on and on. All of this before the age of 17! The whole time, my jaw is dropped as I read further and further. It sounds morbid (because it is) but its written in a sort of comedic way. Its weird.
I'm anxious for the ending because in her bio on the back it says that she ended up working at one of the nation's largest law firms.
I highly recommend this one. Even if you aren't big on reading, its quite addictive.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


AMAZING lineup! Too bad it's on the other site of the country!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rain, Rain, Come My Way!

Despite the harsh heat wave beaming on the East coast, all I can think about when I go shopping is FALL FALL FALL. In case you didn't know, Richmond has a pretty rough infrastructure which causes HUGE ponds of puddles when it rains. Once I had to climb a fence horizontally to avoid one. No more playing spiderman and leap frog over puddles. Its time to invest in some rainboots. I've been browsing for some that don't look ridiculous and today I happened to see these cute boots by Sorel [via 80s purple]. Finally we can avoid wet toes and still be stylish. They haven't released yet but when they do, I'll be doing my raindance. Woot!

(via highsnobette)

Happy Birthdayyyy!

So long teen years! The birthday was Sunday, July 4th. Spent it on the beach watching fireworks with my beau. The best thing I got was the key to my new apt [the Treehouse]. =) Hoping for a good year. Now time to start planning for my Vegas 21st!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hot n' Fun - N*E*R*D

They're new album drops in September, titled "Nothing". Looking forward to it!

A Vodka Movie

Zach Gilifiankis and Tim & Eric. I love weird comedy. TRY IT!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Naomi Facing Jail Time?

Naomi Campbell was given a subpoena, ordering her to testify in the trial of Charles Taylor, the former Liberian President. Apparently, Taylor gave her a blood diamond as a gift while they were at a dinner held at Nelson Mandela's house. The court date is on the 29th and she must testify or provide a legit reason of why she cannot or else this pretty woman might face up to 7 years in prison, a $500 fine, or both.

"Taylor faces war crimes charges over a brutal conflict in Sierra Leone which was fueled by rough diamonds, also known as blood diamonds or conflict diamonds.
The prosecution -- which rested in February of last year -- asked to reopen their case specifically in order to call Campbell, as well as actress Mia Farrow and a witness named Carole Taylor, court papers show."

They're saying Naomi does not want to be involved in the case. Hopefully she thinks quick and does the right thing!=/

Upcoming: City of Ink, NY

Not sure of all the details yet but after keeping my ear to the tweets [corny, i know] , there's word that City of Ink is opening a new shop in New York. Originally based out of Atlanta, what some call "Black Hollywood," City of Ink does, not only dope artwork, but good quality coloring for those of us with a little more melanin. This is where they shot that "Tatted Up" video. You remember that one, right? I'm not sure of when they're opening or in which borough, but I'm pretty sure I know where I'll be getting my next ink. Look out for City of Ink tattoo shop if you're up top.

Hello Kitty Pistol

Swear theres not a violent bone in my body but if there was ever........um.....a zombie invasion..(?).. of some sort, I know what I'd invest in. =)

(Via Hello Kitty Hell)

Get Right, Get Tight

The good thing about being home at my mom's for the summer is that her entire house is organic. From the fridge to under the kitchen sink to the cosmetic drawer. EVERYTHING is au naturale. Organic food makes people groan sometimes but if you really commit to the lifestyle, you'll find that you feel a lot better. The only downside to it is if you decide to relapse on Micky D's or all that other junk food, your stomach will become your worst enemy and WILL go to war with you. Trust me. -_-
But anyways, for those who try every kind of diet and weight loss method (besides the working out & healthy foods method), and can't seem to ward off the food cravings, I suggest that you invest in Apple Cider Vinegar. It sounds weird but trust me, coming from someone who loves food and give 2 shiza's about dieting, this stuff works!
My mom put me on. What you do is, either create the mix of Apple Cider, Honey, and Water or [if you're a G] just take a shot of it. It WILL make you feel full, causing less cravings.
I never believed all those other methods but I actually tried it and surprisingly it works.
Try it & thank me later!

Hoof Heels

Hoof Heels Shoes by artist Roxanne Jackson

"Sorry, I'm not into vamps."

The hype over the Twighlight saga has continued as the 3rd movie "Eclipse" released a few days ago. It went from a pretty decent book to a teeny bopper hypebeast EXPLOSION. But I must admit, I'm a sucker for Jacob's abs too. =x I haven't seen the new one, but I heard it was interesting. According to my bff, there WILL be a 4th one. Of course. I think its one of America's many guilty pleasures.
But lately, haven't you noticed the rise of vampire shows, movies, everything? The fad usually comes every couple of years and it is definitely booming now. All this vampire talk makes me want to watch an actual GOOD vampire flick. Being a sucker for Tanrantino, I of course would have to go for the 1996 film, "From Dusk Till Dawn." It might not have hot boy toys or love triangles but it does have some good acting and Salma Hayek is 100x's more BAD than Bella (yeh I said it). If you get a chance, watch this movie. It's kind of fun and you know, anything dealing with Taratino is going to have some weird twist. I highly recommend it =). muhahahahahhahaha

Pay Day!

I was taught that money isn't everything. You know, quality over quantity. But man, it feels nice seeing all these hours of work go in my account. =) I've been super busy at the job and finally signed the lease to our apartment. Things are falling into place finally!

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