Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birds are Falling. Fish are Dying.

Apocalyptic? Let's ask Kirk Cameron of course! I think its something going on undercover...just saying. Thoughts?

Blow Your Smoke - Jim Jones x Rell

Heard this one on MTV Jams. It reminds me of Bari. I can't wait to get back to Harlem btw.

Get it now! >> Blow Your Smoke - Jim Jones



Sorry guys. The last few days have been crazy. Trying to help my mom get ready for her school plus everyone in my house has been sick except me for some weird reason. I only have like 2 or 3 days left here and I reaaaaaly dont wanna go home and see my boyfriend for the first time in a month with a sickface. My immune system has been doing the wonders for me! My best friend forevvvs came to visit and she was sick too :/ It was good to see her though.

I'm uber exhausted. I've been going to bed at like 6am :/ Trying to recoop loves!
(PS> Sorry Court! lol I said I wasn't going to post these. <3)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Deja Blue - Chalie Boy

Sooooo if you aren't from the south I have to fill you in...there are a lot A LOT of people making music. And When you're in the south, you have a great chance of getting your song played on the radio if its catchy enough. I heard this song and died laughing. But hey! It goes to show you, anyone can make it out here. Can't wait till this makes its way up to VA.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


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Iran Bans Valentines Day

Iran puts a ban on stores from selling Valentines day gifts, such as cards and teddy bears, to stop the promotion of Western culture.

Check out the full story here.


Speaking of deals with the devil....

Heartless is a British film released in 2009. Its the story of a photographer who's struggled with insecurities about a heart-shaped birthmark on his face. Throughout London, hoodlums have began to terrorize the city, brutally murdering and burning innocent victims. Jamie (played by Jim Sturgess) comes face to face with one of these hoodlums which he soon realizes is actually a demon. An unfortunate incident occurs (i wont tell you what!), leaving him feeling guilty and lonely. Jamie figures he has nothing left to live for until he is reminded that his mother had just one wish for him before she passed. She wanted him to find love. Jamie finds himself making a deal with "Poppa D" to erase his birthmark and become "normal" but, like all deals, there is always two sides. Jamie must make some sacrifices toward his character and do favors in return for his new appearance.

Its not the best film you'll ever see but it does have some interesting concepts and characters. Check it out.


So I'm one of those who miss the old Ye and kinda think his brand new attitude is....hmmm...well,interesting. But nonetheless, the Monster video released. There's a lot of speculations and thoughts about the whole Illuminati thing. I won't go too in depth on my thoughts but I will say that its nothing new. PEople have been selling their souls for generations. But back to the video...the beat is ill as always and it mixes this new age hip hop with scary images, necromantic scenes, zombies, cannibalism, decapatation, werewolfs, and Minaj accents (lol). Symbolic? Maybe. But who knows? Everyone has their own opinions. Thoughts?

African Beaded Bangles

Its far from new but I would just go crazy if someone bout me like 20 of these...just sayin. lol

Love Letter to Japan - The Bird and The Bee

Barbados vs Egypt?

Our new home in Augusta is quite cozy but the area is just....well, let's just say I've been away from the south for a long time. Thinking about summer break, a full three months down here, I can't see myself doing it. So I'm keeping my options open. One of my new year resolutions is to travel more so I've been looking at the study abroad programs at my school. Two jumped out at me, Egypt and Barbados. Egypt would be life changing but Barbados would be a vacation in itself. Both are month-long trips but Barbados cost a good thousand more. I mean think about it...Caribbean food, tropical weather, SWIMMING WITH TURTLES!! And you know how I feel about turtles. The only thing is, where am I gonna get a good two thousand dollars by summer?? Egypt's more reasonable but my heart is in the islands. I'm frantically searching for a scholarship in the meantime. What would you guys do?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jay, 50, and Weezy - Dee 1

Long Live The Conscious Rapper.

People have really lost sight of what's going on these days. The music business has become as dirty as the drug business. Dee-1 is one of my new favs. He's been out for a minute but its refreshing to hear people bring to light what's hidden in the dark.

The Transition

So there comes a time in an African American woman's life when she realizes the relaxer in her hair that she's had for years (in my case, since I was a kid) is only masking the beautiful, unique kinks that nature originally gave her. That cream crack perm we get used to doing ever so often straightens out every root that was meant to be there.

I understand that back in the day, many African Americans would use perms to conform to the Caucasian society as African Americans were mocked and called "nappy headed coons." Ok, so its 2011 now. A lot of black women are still religiously chemically hiding their roots, wearing weaves, wigs, and contacts. But why?

I'm happy to see more and more women getting rid of their relaxers and going back to their roots. It's inspiring. We are unique and we should be proud of that. Its sad to see some companies turning down people for employment because of their hair.
I have actually been trying to go natural since 2008 but had those withdraws. I'm glad to say i'm now on my 7th month of going natural and I'm NOT looking back. NEVERRRR!

The big question now is....when will the big chop happen? Yeah, so that's the scary part. I've watched so many videos of women cutting out the perm but I'm just not there yet. Its funny because when I wash my hair its this cute little fro and then on the outside is this limp, lifeless perm :/

I'm trying to hold on and grow it out but I'm still a slave to that flat iron. If anyone has any ideas for styles in the transition period where I can reduce the use of heat, let me know! :)


Because I'm not sharing the site I use to watch the show, I'll go ahead and post the show's pilot for you newbies. Not so greedy after all, eh?
Thank me later!


So in case you are not yet aware of this amazing show or you've heard people talk about it but have no idea what the hype is, Misfits is the best sht EVER. Okay, maybe I'm dramatizing it a bit but this show is definitely addictive. The plot is simple but the situations are far from the norm. These kids are doing community service, all have unique personalities. Suddenly this strange storm comes out of no where and the group gets struck by lightning. They each start noticing some weird changes and realize they each have powers. I'm not gonna spill the beans about the rest (that's basically the pilot), but there are already two seasons out. I'm anxiously waiting on the 3rd to release. It sucks though because if you're in the US you have to watch it online. I'm not giving out my site though! I know I know, don't be stingy! But if it shuts down then we're all out of luck. If you do happen to have the E4 channel on your TV then lucky you! I think the show hits home for a lot of people in our generation. It's far from candy-coated and its funny. It's an absolute must see. I wouldn't tell you lies. :) Enjoy!

Rolex Sweep - Skepta

So I'm a tad bit late but since I've been hooked on the British drama/ comedy show Misfits (which I'll fill you in on later). I've consequently fell in love with the soundtrack. There was a club scene in one of the episodes and I couldn't help but realize the guy was saying "50 Cent can't dance like me. Soulja Boi can't dance like me. Michael Jackson can't dance like me." So since then I've been jamming to this song "Rolex Sweep." Really making me get back into the Euro music scene. I really with we had MTV Base in the US. But its okay. I plan on moving back within the next 2 years. ;D


I'm welcoming it with open arms. Living up to my resolutions and finding new inspirations. I love how we have this sense of starting a clean slate every time the calendar hits January 1st. A few of my resolutions aside from the typical get in shape & get good grades, include traveling more (def been feeling too grounded lately), update my ipod in a major way, and continue the journey of getting my hair back in its natural state.

Like I promised, I'm coming back harder than ever.
Showing you a little bit more inside my ever-changing cranium. I said I'd start with 50 of my newest favorite songs. So first up is Falling Out by Body Language.
Jabari (yes we're still going strong) interviewed them for the C-Mag back when their jam "Sandwiches" came out. Now the NYC based group has released their new EP titled Social Studies. Thankfully, they were kind enough to release it for free!

Check it out : Social Studies EP - Body Language

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