Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doing the Butt

So wow
so much to tell, but I'll spare you and my fingers. But Im home for the night. Its my moms birthday so she felt it neccessary to drive down and pick me up. Shes so sweet. We had sandwiches and cake and watched movies all day. Love her. Im super tired though. The night before, I spent at Virginia State gettin my boogie on with Imani [her birthday is today too]. It was packed from wall to wall but lucky for us there was Air conditioning! woop. & We were young hollywoods that night. Crazy long line but we were feeling kinda boujee. Walked right to the front & into our party. Petersburg wasnt as bad as its hyped to be. Got to see a buncha people from my past, Los, Marhya, and even Martin from the Germ. Fun! But anywho
This semester has been quite the eventful. Meeting lots of new people and not holding back. Lots of fun. Classes are kinda harder though but I enjoy the challenge.
ahah how cliche. Oh! YTF did we find American Apparel in Richmond along with skateboard shop.Um I know where my monthly allowance is now going! Sht I still have books to buy too.
my hallmates and I are doing the 90 day challenge. Guys vs. Girls. Whoever comes out looking the hottest by end of the sememster has to pay for the others peircings or tatts or some sht. Sounds good to me. I could use a free tat! lol, Anywho, back to watching the Bucket List. It makes me sad that Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickelson are getting old :[
awh man.
Welllp. Later lovers

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ramble jamble

i wanna go back to Paris for a day get a bomb croissant & take a fisheye picture of the galleria.& buy some sht too.i miss paris.:[Ps> happy birthday to all those january 24th people.thats like, everybody?yep.decided to cake on the phone rather than party college im just sleepy.0h and everyone else...leave DC!he's president already,u can get up out my area.<3

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dearest Blog

Between classes & partying & lots of sleep, I have not come to visit you. I am still living and have lots to share, however, the time is not now. Be back later!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Or Do I Really Love Your Brain?

So after patiently waiting six years of my young life, the time has finally come. Biggest fcking N.E.R.D fan. Cliche like sht but Im oh so serious when I say it. Bought my tix today for our homecoming. I knew there was a reason I came to VCU! Ahhhhhh! im SOOOOOOOOO syced. I think we got pretty okay seats. Hoping my bestie can pull some strings for backstage again. Plus id get to see my dope ass sister. Omg, if I had backstage passes again and i saw pharrell, [excuse my whackness] but i think i might just do something spastic... not quite sure what that something is...
Anywho, Today was the first day of classes. Not so bad but Im extremely exhausted. Stayed on the phone doing the typical pointless arguments with a certain someone which always end up in good how odd are we? Sleep patterns are still terrible and I have major itis. Saw a lot of my boos today tho! & my foursome crew is back in action! :]
Well sorry so short but Im calling it a night. Getting up at the wee hours of the day to [yes] work out. Plus im excited to check my mail box. 2 packages awaiting. Black boots from the Germ perhaps? I think so. Big ups to my bougee Pops & Step Mother. Eh, I love them anyhow. I miss his old broke ways tho. =/
Repressed memories. No good. Time for slumber!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Leaving on the next plane


Heading back to the colorful streets of Richmond today. Im kinda grumpy as my last weekend was madd whack. But mayebe it was good that I stayed in cuz I deff wouldn't have packed until...well, now. Found out that I still have the room to myself! woop!!Trying to convince the mom to take me to get some [good] chicken alfredo before its back to shafer goodness. Ahh this is all kinda bittersweet. Roblehs getting all my anger right now but im excited to paint my nails again & see my 7th floor sistas!
Whoop! Should go shower and get ready to hit the road but conveniently, Vegas Vacation is on tv. Back when I was like 10 i was the BIGGEST TV head. Like I swear I watched anything and EVERYTHING on tv. And this used to be my absolute favorite movie. ahaha. Well, See ya in the city!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


As break slows down to a hault, I've been on the go more frequently, not necessarily doing anything productive though. Just the typical mall-rat and rding around. Eh. Honestly I can't recall what i've been doing the past few days come to think of it.
Yesterday we went to Red Robin as a family [Quintin, Willie, Bleh, Shay, Salita, & I]. I had this terrible craving for their bottomless steak fries and Ranch. Oh it was tasty. We definitely did a hurting on that restauraunt. Fck I cant spell
Photobucket :/
Anywho, typical woodbridge bullshttn really. Lots of bonding with my "friend". I really want to do something exciting tonight though since I head back to school oh so soon. Hmmmmm....funds are low though. We'll see what happens.
actually Im really hungry fro breakfast. I think I might proceed this one wayyy later.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seems Like You're Reddy.




So I told you I'd do it. Funny how the color never comes out like the box. But i like it this way actually. Everyone said to go red..[it was suypposed to be light brown..?] Anywho, still thinking of a cut. I think a bob is out of my league right now since its recovering from the mushroom cut. Any ideas??

PS> today is the second day ive been in the house. umm waitin on my blind date but the car is terrible in this weather soooo guess im stuck waiting... eh.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oldie But Goodie Gone Bad

Dr. Appointment today. Fun stuff. My clip-on fell off and broke. I think I'm actually at a point where I'd steal from a thrift shop. I cant afford it. Wtf? All funds are for books. =/ ehhhh. schools coming up...mannnn. It seems like everyone I talk to is soooo ready to go back. Is anyone enjoying break?? Cuz I am.....Eh. Anywho back to my Bad Girls Club. Bitty got me on it. Oh yeh and everything is great with my health by the way! :] [for uppers] Clean as a whistle!

Get Your Hurrr Did.

So im going to color my hair. When I get bored I tend to change my Sooo Im going to lighten it again and of course cut because I'm the queen of chop chop! But yeah, looking at different ways to dye it because typical is so.....well, typical. Ms. Santagold popped into my head so googled her and found pics from her Fader Magazine spreads. I came across this dope pic! Deff looks like something I'd be caught doing. Check the leggings man. Anywho, not to idolize but photography is bomb. Still waiting on my photoshoot, Juicy J.C.!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I plead the Fif.

2009 has been an eventful year thus far. I've done something everyday. The 1st was girls night on the town in D.C. [elevated]. The second was the new years sequel. The 3rd was movie night at my homie 4 shomie's house. The fourth, I finally took time to catch my breath a lil and Willie & Bleh stopped by to see me. Ended up having sleepover with the boys and not falling asleep till like 8am. Im still feeling that one. The fifth of January was one of those go with the flow kinda days. We went to the mall with our fellow mall-rats and did a little "shopping." Pit stop at Sears to see Shay Shay who had big news for Robleh & I! We played on tractors.

Poe & I decided to save and blow all our money on these things for summer so we can ride around like country folk. I love it. Ahaha Finally after the mall we went to Safeway for some snacks and beverages for some sophisticated sipping and NCAA on the Xbox. Kinda felt a bit great with my Tilt and had some interesting conversatons with this wonderful white chocolate chick named Erin.
We broke out the Uno cards and had a few rounds before we got engulfed in the Ohio State vs. Texas game. Willie proved us wrong as we were all going for Ohio. Secretly, I knew Texas was going to win. Its Texas. Thats one thing I stereotype Texans for. Good football. Eh.
The night was very chill and I made it home before 1am! Maybe I should catch up on sleep though. That's one thing I haven't done a lot of lately. And I deff have a Dr. appointment at 2pm [which is still morning for]. Who knows what tomorrow will bring though!? Awhh more to come. Buenos Nochezzzzzzzz

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Please Stand By.

Atlanta, Georgia is know for introducing a majority of today's Southern musicians as they tend to have a unique sense of state pride and a particular laid-back style. However, those who haven't truly heard everything Atlanta has to offer may automatically assume that all artists from the "dirty south" are only capable of producing "snap music", boasting of materialistics, and "shawty"-dialect. If you take a closer look, you can realize the talent that Atlanta truly holds.

Currently on the come-up, the Chicago native, A.Ware, has dropped his second album, titled Please Stand By. It is a collaboration of spacey meets jazzy beats and clever, unique lyrics that almost everybody who obtains feelings can relate with. His first album, Take It Or Leave It, focuses more on his lifestyle and his journey of moving upward into the music scene. Please Stand By offers more sounds for the lovers. It's the perfect rebound for Kanye's Heartbreaks and 808s, which I think got most of us down in the dumps, yeh? It's a good album to bump to while you're just lounging. Very relaxing. I've been stuck on "Ain't the Same" for a few months now. Also, just got hooked to "9 Outta 10".
A.Ware I must say I'm proud of you! :] You've left me impressed.

Go Cop For Free!

A Night of 10,000 Words and No Pics

Last night. Wow. It began as a bust when Brittany and my ride [pssycat] decided we were s.o.l at like 10:38pm. Thannnks. So the broham sped us down to Quintonio's house. It was kinda empty at first...more of a family thing but his family is just lovely. Lol. Lots of drinks and food and decorations though. It was fabulous. Then more people began to come as the countdown arrived.

The final minute & 30 seconds kinda snuck up on us so we all hopped up and made noises and stuff. lol Fun! Then....the drinks. Yes. More people began to come, including blah zay blah. Lol he was my new years kiss. How cute. But he was drunk. Eh.
Sooo When the house started gettin crowded, Brit, Nashay, D, & I all walked to Shays. We celebrated there where shay introduced brit to Patron. lol
Only was there for a little while though. Josh came & took us to my good good friend Joe's house where we met plenty of happy people. Played some games. Had some convo. It was nice.
Someone deff jacked Brittany's camera soooo all the evidence of that night were spoken word pretty much.
:/ Blooooooooown.
& Then came the angry phone calls. So you know, you should never call someone seriously angry on New years eve. I barely remember what he was mad at, but I was trying to make things better. I finally gave up. It was like 4am and there was no point. Lol I told him to go to bed mad and we'd handle in the morning...
So this morning he was acting like i was the angry one...was i??
Eh, we'll be okay soon. I give it bout a day or so. But anywho. its 3:13 pm of January first. Happy new years everyone! :] brand new year. brand new me?

Resolutions much?:

Take advantage of gyms. [i always seem to be around them so no excuses]

Get a scholarship [or 2]

Raise that GPA.

Drive legally. [embarrassingggg]

Save about 85% of my earnings....I kind of have the feeling I'm going to need it soon.

Take my own advice & find my own happiness.

This year is going to be much different, I can feel it.

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