Saturday, January 10, 2009


As break slows down to a hault, I've been on the go more frequently, not necessarily doing anything productive though. Just the typical mall-rat and rding around. Eh. Honestly I can't recall what i've been doing the past few days come to think of it.
Yesterday we went to Red Robin as a family [Quintin, Willie, Bleh, Shay, Salita, & I]. I had this terrible craving for their bottomless steak fries and Ranch. Oh it was tasty. We definitely did a hurting on that restauraunt. Fck I cant spell
Photobucket :/
Anywho, typical woodbridge bullshttn really. Lots of bonding with my "friend". I really want to do something exciting tonight though since I head back to school oh so soon. Hmmmmm....funds are low though. We'll see what happens.
actually Im really hungry fro breakfast. I think I might proceed this one wayyy later.


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