Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hypnotize U - N*E*R*D

Listen at your own risk. This song will STAY in your head for days. Maybe he DOES hypnotize you.


Leaving on the Next Plane

Idk when I'll be back again....

Eh, I wish! Bought my tix to GA for turkey day to go see the family & friends. Very excited. All this midterm study has gotten the best of me. The break will be much-needed.
Also planning on taking a Euro trip at the end of the school year if I can afford it. Hoping that works out. Def wanna go back to France and see England and Amsterdam. And Deutschland of course to visit daddio.
Anywho, a lot of thinking lately. I'm more than halfway done with college. What next? I'm thinking of going abroad. Somewhere! I feel like things are getting kinda weird in our beautiful land of the free. Don't think so?
Eh, its just an opinion. But I've definitely noticed a lot of differences in our values since I got back from Europe in 07. Its easy to right in to it too but in the back of my mind its driving me nuts. The things that are on TV now, the food, the way people treat each other. It rubs me the wrong way. & Maybe that's just my weird perspective.

But back to the point. I've lost touch with my hobbies and traveling is one I need to pick up again.
Besides that, school x love is life right now.

Oh, and God over everything.

chea. <3

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Republicans Won the House


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You Got Nothing: N*E*R*D’s Highly Anticipated New Album Released

Though N*E*R*D’s (A.K.A. Noone Ever Really Dies) new album, Nothing, has been rumored for release since early September, the group has finally released their fourth record on November 2nd.

Since N*E*R*D’s debut in 2001, every album made by the trio has brought a different feel, as each consists of compilations from diverse inspirations. As N*E*R*D’s previous album, Seeing Sounds, focused heavily on the electric guitar, Nothing, holds on to the group’s signature upbeat dance songs while mixing in music inspired by 60’s and 70’s rock classics, along with other unexpected sounds from different musical eras.

The new record kicks off with a brand-new single, “Party People,” featuring rapper T.I. The album has plenty of other high-energy dance songs, including, “Hot N’ Fun” featuring Nelly Furtado, “I Wanna Jam,” and “Sacred Temple,’ which utilizes the infamous 70’s soul clap.

Pharrell shows off his distinctive high-pitched vocals on “Hypnotize U.” The track has a sensual, Prince-like feel to it with a bass-infused beat. The album has other smooth songs in the same vein, like “Nothing On You,” which ties in some of the group’s signature Neptunes beats.

On every previous N*E*R*D album, the band has been known to make music with underlying themes, pertaining to serious societal issues. Nothing has numerous songs, including the Beatles-inspired “Help Me,” and the folksy “Life as a Fish,” with more abstract lyrics.

N*E*R*D’s unlimited gallery of influences and inspirations has the tendency to lead to unpredictable, refreshing songs, and the new album brings in a variety of sounds to keep listeners on their toes. From fun, up-tempo, flirty songs, such as “Perfect Defect.” to the bizarre rap/30’s burlesque jam of “Its in the Air,” the roots of this album grow deep and wide. The group mixes folksy tunes with story-telling, combining unexpected jazzy horns that become part of the perfect blend in “I See the Light.”

Nothing does an excellent job of bringing new elements to some of their older, signature sounds..

N*E*R*D’s Nothing was released in the U.S. on November 2nd, 2010 on Star Track Entertainment and Interscope Records.

by Manhatten Royal


Matt & Kim’s Thursday Night Dance Party!

The crowd gathered at Richmond’s Canal Club was calm, but visibly excited, waiting to see Brooklyn dance/punk group Matt and Kim perform on Thursday. The room was dim, except for the stage, which glowed a dark blue. The crowd was diverse and the venue was open to all ages, allowing all Matt and Kim fans to enjoy the show.

The crowd hovered at the edge of stage, filled with anticipation. People were drinking and socializing as they waited for the show to start. Everyone crowded in around the small stage as the sound crew set up equipment, cheering each time the technician came onto the stage, in hopes that it woul

d be a band member.

The opening act, upcoming rapper Donnis, took to the stage to p

rep the crowd for the main event. “We don’tneed no water, let the mot

her fucka burn!” screamed the rapper as he threw ice-cold water onto the crowd.

The calm-and-collected crowd slowly began to turn into the slam-fest from Hell, as audience members threw their bodies recklessly into each other.

Donnis performed his hit “Gone” as Kim Schifino (from Matt and Kim) appeared on-stage, showing off her dance moves while Donnis noted that “Gone” is one of Kim’s favorite songs. After Donnis’ set, it was finally time for Matt and Kim to play.

When Donnis left the stage, the stage crew came out and ripped down what the crowd had thought was the set, only to reveal a more retro looking scenebehind. It was covered in shimmery streamers and several light panels, with a drum set and keyboard was labeled “Matt and Kim.”

Things got up-close and personal as Schifino and bandmate Matt Johnson took the stage, Johnso

n hopping on his keyboard and Schifino taking the drums. They started the show off with their new single, “Lessons Learned.” The crowd went bonkers and the slam-dancing turned into a full-on mosh pit. It resembled a violent game of human ping- pong, but was all in name of good fun.

Schifino demanded crowd surfing, and the fans went above and beyond her request. Throughout the entire show, people were being lifted into the air and onto the stage. The security crew was ready, waiting onstage to help the fans back into the crowd.

At some point, the show transformed from performance to party, at the band threw out “Matt & Kim” balloons for the crowd to blow up. On their command, the crowd tossed all the balloons into the air and began batting them all over the venue.

The band showed lots of love for their fans’ support, yelling appreciative comments between songs.

“Thank you Richmond, Virginia! You are the solution to all the world’s problems!” yelled Johnson.

The show only got wilder as Matt and Kim perform hits older hits and fan-favorites like “Lightspeed,” and “Yea Yeah,” from 2006’s Matt and Kim, and “Don’t Slow Down,” and “Cuttdown” off their sophomore record, Grand.

Though Matt and Kim are known for their indie jams, they also mixed in a lot of old school hip-hop classics. Between originals, the group did covers of ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” and Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.”

“Richmond, you got what I need!” Johnson sang to the crowd.

They incorporated other genres into the show as well, with their rendition of reggae/dance hit “Pon de Floor” by Major Lazer. During the song, Schifino stepped into the crowd, onto her fans’ hands and began to do a booty dance. A fan, obviously inspired by Kim’s dance, threw her bra on stage and Johnson jokingly draped it across the microphone as he began to play “Silver Tiles.”

The group continued their cover-heavy set with 80’s pop classic, “The Final Countdown” and the techno song “Better Off Alone,” during which, Johnson climbed onto his seat, stood on one leg, and continued to play his keyboard.

“I’m so fucking stoked that my family is out here going hard!” Kim yelled admirably to her fans.

The last song was dedicated to everyone who was having a tough day, week, or even year, giving the crowd the opportunity to “shake it out.” It was Matt and Kim’s feel-good, smash- hit, “Daylight.” The crowd went wild, dancing all over the place and into the night, enjoying the good vibes.

by Manhatten Royal & Mia Burnside


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