Saturday, February 28, 2009


Saturday night. My boyfriend & two other homies just left from a visit and I caught word of a free house party. The 7th floor girls and I are planning on heading there soon. But before I get dolled up I just thought I'd give it up for Kanye. Watched his storytellers session on VH1. Dude can perform his life off. Though I despise the voicebox, letely I've started to really feel his 808s and Heartbreaks . I know. Don't say it. "You are late!" No, it was okay at first but its one of those things that finally grow on you. It seems to follow me now too. From cars to dorm rooms. I dont know. But Just giving props. Not to that mullet though. What's that about? Eh, lets act brand new i guess. Well, its nearly 11. Time to scavenge my closet & make up. <3

Friday, February 27, 2009

Beads Beads Beads

I always seem to forget about Mardi Gras since I'm no longer in the South but apparently the time has come again for those festivities. You know my party of a school is celebrating. Element, tonight. I dont plan on being there though. Moneys tight until Sunday so you might find me at a cheaper get together. I know just the spot. Unless my boys suddenly decide to come visit me. Then who knows. Weekends are spontaneous. Anywho, enjoy!

Thanks Mom

In the news today, some woman in New Orleans traded her two kids to a couple who was struggling with having a child of their own. Apparently, what she asked for in return (hence the word trade) was $175 and a Cockatoo. Sounds like some Craig's list type...So much for family values.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Perfect Pant

As the sun starts teasing us, giving us random warm days where we aren't overwhelmed by those awful winter jackets, I find that spring fever is coming early. Love, yeah thats there but I'm really talking about the shopping. So so so ready for cuter clothes. Even just wearing what I have now [rather than hiding everything under big gray peacoats]. I have this bad habit of ripping my jeans; Two places in particular: the belt loops and the inner thigh. On a bad Monday, I recently ripped my dark skinny jeans. You know you need those...its a basic. Soooo I've been looking for a replacement and I think I found the perfect jean. Just a bus trip away to Need Supply Co. Thats where I got my Casio calculator watch [neato!]. But along with the trip to Carytown, getting sidetracked by American Apparal and For the love of Chocolate is included. This means money. Money that I dont have. I dont even have milk in the fridge. And my grades are telling me I don't deserve it just yet. Plus I need my permit already. Most embarrassing thing! Point blank, priorities are not in check. its time to get my Shiza together. Next week of hard work will amount to a extra relaxing spring break, right? lets hope so!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So going without internet for almost a week, the television has been on. I only really watch 3 channels and I happened to always catch Fantasy Factory on MTV. Two reasons, i saw pharrell in the commercial and have yet to see that episode & i frucking love Beefy. I don't know anything about dogs but I want him! awwwh beefy! He's a skater too. ;]


So it's been a while, not much has been going on other than school and the flu, which I'm recovering from right now. "Happy belated valentines day. Went home and chilled with the Spoonie Love. Tried to go to all the fancy restaurants but ended up at ihop. Pancakes are wonderful. Speaking of pancakes, today is national pancake day at ihop. Apparently they give a free short stack to all customers. Courtney and I brainstormed ways to get there butttt no luck. Ended up eating salmon with the 7th floor crew :]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Nimo said she looks like a cow.

Monday, February 9, 2009


They put me on the blog!
go check the Richmond Show Pics
& play Wheres Waldo [manny version] with my american apperal dress
[hint: im in the front! duhhh]

courtesy of my bestie, courtney yourtney.

Sunday, February 8, 2009



OMFG so if anything, this weekend made my LIFE. Saturday was a complete bust! but Friday! OH my dear friday!! Kat, Court, & I went to Carytown to get some dope gear for the show. Went to American Appearal, Need Supply, & Bang on. Got that dress, chain, glasses, & of course the infamous calculator casio....which may come in handy soon since i have a math exam tomorrow. But point blank, i had to do it. Ugh I was oh so anxious that whole day. But when the time came...When the first few chords of that electric guitar played Anti Matter & the lights began to flash, I JETTED to the front along with all these other people. Ended up elbowing some people and got stopped by a row of chairs which ended up being the front row seats. This chick started yelling at me like HOW RUDE! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. I was like eff you girl! This is my chance! lol She didnt know any of the songs anyways. FAKE FAN. She didnt deserve that seat. I went crazy, got a lil light headed and was shaking a little. Waited 6 years for this moment & here it was. I got a little too hype and yanked my chain off :/ damn! but oh well. Ended up hopping over those front row seats and got to the DEAD FRONT ROW CENTER. AHHHHH! Took out my bobby pins and shook my hair like a grunge rock & roller. IT WAS THE HARDEST I HAVE EVER JAMMED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! B-more club couldnt even get me hype to that point. Ahhh that lovely man. Pharrell. He glows. He looked me DEAD in the eye for a hot minute & i melted. AHHHHHH DREAM COME TRUE! This deff beat prom or any bday or whatever days are sposed to be the most important! WooT

Ps. did i mention he glowed? AHHHHH
Sorry for slacking. Second semster has been very time consuming. School on weekdays and parties on weekends. It gets difficult to manage! <3>

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