Saturday, December 26, 2009


I've been cheating on my blogspot with tumblr. I have abandoned my blog. I'm sorry. I'll return when the spring semester start back january 19th. I still need to renovate. Love you bloggies.

check out my tumbling.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry I've been missing! Its finals time, meaning consistent all nighters. Bitty & Jazzhole are coming to Richmond this weekend & we're going to the Higher Learning show soooo pictures and stuff soon, i promise. <3

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day 2009

Get yourself tested. Especially my DMV people. You all know the stats. Keep our race alive! Protect yourself.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Slaughter House Rules

Maybe they should stick to rap! lol

Taxi - Mos Def x Ski Beatz

Ski feat. Mos Def-Taxi from Creative Control on Vimeo.

( i found via greedmontpark by the way )

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Hopefully we'll take more time from our lives [other than just today] to recognize the things we're thankful for. Sounds crazy, but I can't think of one thing I'm not thankful for. Even the bad things that happen in life, they're there to teach us life lessons. I hope everyone has a great break and comes back with full tummies. :)

PS> Artwork via the Dynasty Productions. They're a couple of my friends from Memphis who are building they're own culture on the low! Like really, they're all over the place. Art, Music, Couture. Check out some of their music!
The Dynasty Productions

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coming Soon

Excuse the nudity of my blog.
Reconstructing so patience my children. Soon to come:
Second Hand Sugar High for the Young & the Reckless.

Wiz Khalifa x Curren$y x Richmond

Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y the hotspitta coming to Richmond Dec. 5 for meet n' greet & T-shirt sale at Henry's and then in club Rendezvous for the night. I'm in thereeee!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Breaking Hiatus

Though I've been missing lately, during my hiatus I've come to realize many things.

Before there was "Bro's before hoes, there was "Family first".

My taste is quite expensive, yet im a slight penny pincher. So when I do purchase, its a splurge. And shoppers remorse is non-existent.
I'm on team Jacob after all. hm! built tan werewolfs over scrawny pasty vampires anyday. lol clearly.

I no longer have girlfriends. =/ I have a couple close friends who I spend solitary time with but nothing like Sex in the City, or where ever else you see typical female empowerment girl talk.

Manny Solo Dolo

A lot of people kiss ass to be on television. Like, a lot of these stupid reality shows we get sucked into. "I wanna work for Diddy"? The job would be nice but I'm not kissing your butt to become successful. No thanks. And I've seen RayJ in person like 3 different times. I don't think he's that much of a charmer to make me lose my dignity. Screw you, Brandy's brother!
[yes im going in a bit!]

You CANT ignore dental checks just because you don't want to wake up for 8:30am walk ins & don't want to pay $80 standard fee. My wisdom tooth is growing and it is evil. I think its infected or something. Better not affect my Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgivings, my mom is vegetarian [what my brother calls the lesbian of offense to my mom tho] now and my brother has plans with his girlfriend so, it looks like if I want a turkey, I'm gonna have to handle it myself! Along with all the buttery cholesteroly goodness Thanksgiving promises. Might be a little better than last year when mom's dinner conversation was discussing the massacre of the Native Americans and our glutenous tradition to celebrate it. Ehhh :/

My love for foreign flicks returned after Jabari & I stumbled upon "Black Opheus". This movie had me weak in the knees. Such a sweet story. Maybe i'll rent "the Science of Sleep" over break. Or watch "Amelie" with my mom while we sip on her machine made cappuchinos. mmmm

Bambino is growing up right before my eyes! {my pet bamboo}

& Best for last: I think I'm really starting to fall for him. He's become so relevant in my life; my new best friend & he gives me tea when im feeling ill. =) awh love.

Forgive the negative tone of this post but its 2:37am. My brother is coming to pick me up for Thanksgiving break in the morning and I have yet to pack. But as always, you, my blog, have priority. <3

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Good - Clipse x Pharrell

This song could be my theme music for a while.

Monday, November 16, 2009


So with the holidays comes an expected sense of giving and wanting. We act as if we deserve gifts , I'm not so sure why but it gets a little expensive. My brother warned me if i go to New York for Thanksgiving break to avoid WalMarts so I won't get trampled in the raging shoppers. So I was looking around, online window shopping and came across this lovely little Betsey Johnson lipstick sweater dress. So as tradition goes, I need this in my life!

40 Oz. Bounce

5th 40oz bounce held in Brooklyn on Black Friday. Hosted by 40 oz. Van . Herb friendly & free 40oz.'s while supplies last. lol

Chapter 5 Section 2

I was googling images like usual and came across this blogspot. Found some of the most intriguing pictures.

Check out Chpt5Sec2 Here!

Popular Demand - Clipse x Cam'ron

This is getting much blog love, web-wide. Thought I'd hop on the band wagon a little bit and show some love for Virginia rappers. Though I prefer their older music to this, their still at it so I'm giving them kudos.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Stress - Justess

After my brother saw the "Stress"-Justice video [6 blog posts down], he sent me this parody of it. It's more of the lighter side of stress. A litte less reckless, and a bit more fun. I guess you could still call it intense if you like, lol. It's kinda funny actually. This would definitely be my version because I'm the friendly type.Enjoy!

Holy Water To Go

In response to the Swine flu epidemic [if you want to call it that], inventor Luciano Marabese, with help of Italian Catholic churches, created Holy water dispensers to eliminate the chance of spreading the flu to those who come in contact with holy water, as it is often used. With no surprise, other churches began to follow suit as they began removing their old Holy water fonts and replacing them with the new dispensers. What's interesting is 15 Swine flu deaths in Italy caused a major change. It makes me question what drastic changes the States would be willing to change. Maybe they should start making personal bubbles so we can't come in contact with others. Or maybe we could just do everything from the safety of our home. That's kinda like the movie Surrogates. hmm. I hope not because I like people lol. Anyway, check that out. People are making efforts against that swiiiiine.

The Arrival

The Jimmy Choo's have finally been released at H&M! Yay for retail-addiction!

MTV Diary of N.E.R.D

MTV Diary of... N.E.R.D from Adrian Hylton on Vimeo.

Its about time! N*E*R*D, my favorite group everrrr has been making music for almost a decade now [2001] and its about time their story is being told. I'm probably gonna watch this like 1243091281 time and more. Two of my favorite things. N*E*R*D [Pharrell in particular] & Documentary. Yummm. It was already released in the UK, so its old news but still. Who can resist? I can't!

ps> To all the 757 residents who tell about running into them at the beach or through their towns, I'm quite envious. thanks.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Kids" - Larry Clark

So, despite the terrible, crappy fall/winter weather monsoon occurring outside, I made it to my long lost psychology class. Lucky for me, today my professor showed us a movie. We discussed Larry Clark's film "Kids" about a bunch of sex-crazed kids discovering the wonders and consequences of unsafe sex. Sounds like a bunch of bad ass kids right? Well in class we discussed the psyche of Clark himself as he decided to use kids with no acting experience to portray these roles. Clark claims that he was documenting these kids but we questioned it because he had the power of what he wanted to film. To film these soft-porn actions of these kids is kinda strange on his part. But anywho, I've heard a lot about this movie from friends with good movie sense and they told me it was weird and I just had to see it for myself. Very harsh film. Watch if you get the oppurtunity.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

High Yellow

Sammy Sosa pulled an M.J ??

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stress- Justice

My dude showed me this video late one night. It's intense. The song and video kind of leave you feeling uneasy. But Romain Gavras did a great job on making this. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Wait is Over

So, its November and its finally that time. I've been hyping it up for some time now but its here! Jimmy Choo x H&M to be released. M.I.A is also back as she performed for the release party. She looks good after her pregnancy. Hoping to hear new music from her. But anywho, SHOES! Now the modern college kid can afford the Jimmy Choo's. :] I'm excited to go shopping now, but all of this after I get back from Atlanta. YES! We don't want to blow all of our money in one place do we?

(via Highsnobette)

Hooray For Lupe

YEEEEES! Finally he's putting out new music. Its kind of like a tease though! Fans have been waiting and even the slightest freestyle is giving us hope that he's on his way back to educating us with his rhymes. Apparently he's performing at ODU this weekend [i think] and this is going to be the 2nd time I've missed his show. And that's fine. No, but really, Lupe, you can't leave us hanging forever like that. Keep the consistency! We miss you!

Download Lupe Fiasco All The Way Turnt Freestyle mp3

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Uproar for the Evening

Since we're in Virginia and Petersberg is right up the street, I suppose its a given we're going to like Trey Songz. He's like our neighbor, right! Guys and girls like his music here. I guess he's a likable kinda guy. And apparently he's lickable too. His "I Invented Sex" video leaked and its causing a lot of feelings in the ladies. lol Songz, Songz, Songz. For you out there who can't handle it, its a tad bit X-Rated so that was your fair warning. lol I know that girl enjoyed playing that role. Sheeeeeesh! K, enjoy!

Hey Hot Shot

Hotshot is my word for the day. Yes, its study time again, the time where all my thoughts are aroused and I start to think of everything BUT what I should be focusing on, which is now International Globalization [uuggh!]. But anyhow < Today I realized a lot of things. I think I'm going through a Barbie phase. It seems that the ugly cold world is full of cute things. And for some reason this almost 2 decade year old is intrigued by cute things. I think its the way my mother raised me but yes. My boyfriend showed me the GOOGLE for the day, which was Big Bird:

I love big bird! Who doesn't love over sized, banana colored, full of moral pigeons? Plus, he makes me think of my dad. Don't ask how, just childhood memories I suppose. It happens.

Anyways, we had a Jewish guest speaker in class and I realized how much I love active teachers. Today was the first day the whole class stayed. Usually the routine is: quiz, roll, break, leaaave [halfway through class]. Our teacher is a sweetheart but you have to keep it interesting lady. She's cute though. She tries. And our guest speaker was cute because she played on stereotypes and even made a reefer joke.

I went on a Following-Spree today. Found a bunch of Cali kids with ill photography. Sooo yeah. Lots of love for you bloggers out there.
Ahhh I have had my shopping list from Topshop up for 2 days. Starting to develop a shopping problem. I know I can't take it with me, as they say. But man I'm ballin for a college student. Maybe I should buy groceries instead? Nahhh

I'm going to Atlanta this weekend! Just have to knock out tomorrows classes and I'm out like trout! Also, I got invited to go to Thanksgiving in New York to watch the Macy's Day Parade and eat great! But I'm torn because thats sacrificing my time with my little family. Still deciding though. Mom has gone on a health nut phase and now I'm wondering if she'll even make the regular Turkey, stuffing, everything you can think of goodness?? We're gonna be eating ToFurkey. :/ hmmm...

Okay so this post is beginning to ramble on. If you read through the entire thing, I thank you. If not....well suck ya mooma! Clearly I date an islander. Well later loves. Off to the academics.

Better words coming soon, i promise!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Watch Your Kids!

Wu Massacre

Wu tang featured film/album?

Hello Kitty x Atmos

Yeah so you already know this is where my keys live. Copped it.

(via Atmos NYC)

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Connoisseur Mag Updated!

New issue of the Connoisseur Magazine released. If you're not quite hip to it, it's a local Richmond online-based magazine about everything that sparks your interest [ yes you ]! It covers everything from musicians on the come up to restaurant reviews to raw sex...yes, raw sex. Very interesting perspectives, written by very interesting people. Go take a look-see. Good sht!

Check out The C Mag here!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Schokoladeee Mmmm

I woke up today to two packages from my Pops in Germany. He sent me a peacoat, sweaters, jeans, cooking utensils and best of all Kinder Reigel Schokolade. This chocolate is like CRACK. No really though, if I could, I would grow a kinder reigel tree to have my own supply lol. It is my abbbbsolute favorite!! Pops really looked out. I wonder how long they'll last. If you ever come across this candy, which i doubt you will, but just saying if you do. Grab as many as you can and run! lol Mmm im hype!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She Said - The Pharcyde

So, my mom brought my brother and I up on Pharcyde, Slick Rick, Tupac. All this great music that people are finally learning to appreciate, decades later. But nonetheless, whether you're new to this old skool rap or if your an OG to it, you gotta love the classics. This song has been one of my favorites before I could even pernounce all the words to it. I still find myself bumpin it. But yeh, enjoy it! Go look up their music if you're yet to be hip to it. Anywho, I just found out I'm acing my Psych class. Now to knock out Humanities and Economics. I'm actually in the library, supposed to be doing an online workbook but my blog was calling me. Had to post a lil sum sum. :] Later loves! PS> Got my Atlanta tickets today. So Halloween and Dirty South photos soon to come!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Call me immature but... Idk. Just watch it. lol

For Your Health

There's a new cigarette out called the electronic cigarette (E-Cig) that is supposed to be better for your health. It contains no tar or tobacco but provides nicotine in the form of vapor. And its battery powered? Its supposed to help quitters. How, you ask? It still puts nicotine in your body! True but uh,its $200 a pack. Mhm. We'll see how willing people are to give moochers free e-cigs.

Nasir Mazhar x Spring 2010 Accessories

I have a weakness for bows. Even if they are humongous.

I love the blingblow! & Stretchmarks are hawt. :]

(Via Jak & Jil)

Holey Moly




All my friends are getting these unique piercings lately. I love the bold body expressions because I was definitely getting tired of everyone have the bottom lip ring. That thing was almost as common as Mickey D's. But anywho, I thought these were cool. Its funny the different places people decide thing to bling themselves out. Personally, I'm more into ink. I tried a few piercings, i think i've had like 10 total. But all I wear now are 3. I haven't bought a new belly ring in like 3 years. =/ eh! But tattoos, their easier to keep up with obviously lol.

Ps> go check their blogs!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free. 99

Just real quick. I had the shittiest Wednesday this week. Lots of stress. Then I checked the mail and got my Nylon mag. Just so you know, in case you weren't aware already, Urban Outfitters gives you free subscriptions. Helloooo. FREE . Lol I definitely went through a years-worth of free Nylon mags already. Just updated my free subscription. I love perks :] lol
Go get your free read on! <3 K, I'm out like trout.

Shine Child, Shine!

So, it's Saturday again. Lately, I've been quite the hermit crab [minus our NYC retreat]. The girls and I have been too busy doing our own thing to hang out, and I've started to fall out of the club scene. My grades look nice though! However I find myself wondering, what happened to that social butterfly I once was? I read in a magazine once that you shouldn't have your "Moment of Shine" in your teenage years. Looking at it, maybe that's how people get played out. Is this why child stars always grow up to be twisted? I'm on the verge of 20 now [still young, yes I know] but the older I get, the more anxious I become to have that moment. Yeah, we were cool kids in high school but that counts for nothing. And then I wonder why even feel this pressure to be the next IT girl? Who doesn't want to be the IT girl? But then again, who cares? What will it change? Then it dawned on me. I don't wanna be America's next top model. I wasn't put here to be the sex symbol of the century. All in all, screw the pressure. I just want to write and live lavishly. Is that too hard? I think not. Sounds pretty damn successful to me.

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