Sunday, February 8, 2009



OMFG so if anything, this weekend made my LIFE. Saturday was a complete bust! but Friday! OH my dear friday!! Kat, Court, & I went to Carytown to get some dope gear for the show. Went to American Appearal, Need Supply, & Bang on. Got that dress, chain, glasses, & of course the infamous calculator casio....which may come in handy soon since i have a math exam tomorrow. But point blank, i had to do it. Ugh I was oh so anxious that whole day. But when the time came...When the first few chords of that electric guitar played Anti Matter & the lights began to flash, I JETTED to the front along with all these other people. Ended up elbowing some people and got stopped by a row of chairs which ended up being the front row seats. This chick started yelling at me like HOW RUDE! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. I was like eff you girl! This is my chance! lol She didnt know any of the songs anyways. FAKE FAN. She didnt deserve that seat. I went crazy, got a lil light headed and was shaking a little. Waited 6 years for this moment & here it was. I got a little too hype and yanked my chain off :/ damn! but oh well. Ended up hopping over those front row seats and got to the DEAD FRONT ROW CENTER. AHHHHH! Took out my bobby pins and shook my hair like a grunge rock & roller. IT WAS THE HARDEST I HAVE EVER JAMMED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! B-more club couldnt even get me hype to that point. Ahhh that lovely man. Pharrell. He glows. He looked me DEAD in the eye for a hot minute & i melted. AHHHHHH DREAM COME TRUE! This deff beat prom or any bday or whatever days are sposed to be the most important! WooT

Ps. did i mention he glowed? AHHHHH
Sorry for slacking. Second semster has been very time consuming. School on weekdays and parties on weekends. It gets difficult to manage! <3>


Chantelle said...

hahahahaha fo fannny......DREAM CUM TRUE it was i wish FAB would get his black ass back out i wanna HAVE that experience.....esp..since when he came to the club i culdnt get in....I NEED A FAKE ID

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