Monday, October 12, 2009


So my lucky bamboo has been great to me! Well, for the most part. Hooray to my new follower! I peeped it. I love the love! Anywho, we have reading days at the end of this week, which students are supposed to use to study for midterms but most just take the opportunity to go home or vacation. Lucky for me, my boyfriend is taking me to New York! Last time I went, it was only for a day. Its time to see the real thing, from the eyes of a real New Yorker. Please stay tuned for photos cuz Im sure Ill get trigger happy with the camera. Anywho, I admit im still slacking on my blog but im back to keep you updated. Really working hard to get good grades for the fridge. Im actually supposed to be studying now but i love my dear blog so had to stop through! Well off to the books i go. Be back soon lovvvahs!


PIA said...

New York? Everyone keeps talking about NEW YORK! I want to visit so badly. Hope you have an amazing timee, though (:

PessimisticMitch /. said...

grrr ! im soo jealousss . and you took a good picture . love you sisssy :]

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