Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Talk to the Hand

So, being new to the Cmag , my job so far is to create ideas and observe for the time being. I've witnessed a lot of interesting, fresh ideas and talented work. Another thing I have noticed is divo attitudes. Ok, so i won't mention the names, but a couple of artist on the come up that we have almost worked with have styled on us. You haven't made your name yet; Don't act that way. For those who don't quite understand, If you agree to an interview, just go through with it. If you suddenly can't, [which is understandable] DON'T break the bad news by saying "I've reached another level and don't have time for you anymore", especially when we've met in prior situations and I already know things about you...AND don't blow people off. Its just not Kosher. We LOVE new artists. We're trying to help promote! But when you go all big headed on the humble folks who have the power of the pen, well my friends, that's how bad publicity is born. We put the word on the streets. How do you want to be known? Just a thought.


Lilee said...

i love the name of your blog! great pic.

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