Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sorry I've been slacking. I caught a case of the VCU bug. :( Sick sick sickness. Oh yeh, and I'm trying to get all A's. It takes dedication, time, yada yada. Um. So all the hype is about Shyne getting out of prison finally and now rumors of him getting deported back to Belize!? Apparently his pops is the prime minister of Belize. Kinda a big deal, but I'm just saying. Cournee said if they deport him, she's gonna start a 2009 "Watts". Umm
Oh, This weekend was quite the eventful. VCU's Fall Ball was on saturday. Soooo much fun. Until the end where everyone started fighting! Like EVERYWHERE. I tried to get away from the fight because Richmond's police are trigger happy with the mase can. As I'm walking away, i walk into a car crash. A cop heading to the fight scene crashes into a student couple, Hard As Shiza! Pieces of the cop car were on the sidewalk. It was a mess. And now theres word that Union plans to retaliate because one of their student got involved just by being an innocent bystander. Soooo, this coming up0 weekend is looking like a bust. Im sick anyway so prolly just stay in and watch bootleg internet movies and sip on green tea. Eh. Well back to school work. Ill return soon to entertain you all soon! <3

PS: Heres some pics of the fun part of fall ball

this kid was like 12! why was he there?? lol

the blurr after!


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