Thursday, October 22, 2009

When you want to go fast...go slow!!

That's the advice my dad's been giving me lately. Typical. But I guess he's right. Like my good friend, Miss Mitch Mescudi puts it:

"living a fast paced life is like racing in NASCAR . the faster you , go the better the chances you have of winning . you've got one more lap to go & you swear nothing can slow you down . you look in your review mirrior and everyone else is so far in sight you don't even believe that they are there . in your head you can hear your driving coach telling you " slow the fuck down , are you trying to kill yourself ? " and before you answer you second guess your self . mabe you are . mabe you are and you just dont know it . " fuck the speed limit . " you say to no one . your almost there . you can just feel the taste of victory , along with other unmentionables . wait . the fuck is that on the track ? oh , its just a little rock . and the next thing you know your spinning out of control and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it ."

Very well put. This video shows the ups and downs of the fast life, which society's pressure to live this lifestyle is getting stronger and stronger. Parties x Sex x Drugs X Drama x Glamor. Live fast. Die young. Guilty pleasures, and who's to blame?? Do we blame them? Or ourselves? We fall into the trap of this glamorized recklessness, because believe it or not, we kinda want to. Its interesting the way we battle our intuition.
Devil on one shoulder & angel on the other. Just thoughts.
If you have ever been in Europe long enough, you fall in love with Robbie Williams music and this is one of my faaaavs by him. Enjoy!

PS> it gets kinda graphic so uhhh...yeh.


PessimisticMitch /. said...

aweee , omg ! thankssss for puting me on :] i reaaalllyyyy appreciate it . and that video was crazy ! i felt high ! haha ! this makes me wanna update . haha !

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