Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She Said - The Pharcyde

So, my mom brought my brother and I up on Pharcyde, Slick Rick, Tupac. All this great music that people are finally learning to appreciate, decades later. But nonetheless, whether you're new to this old skool rap or if your an OG to it, you gotta love the classics. This song has been one of my favorites before I could even pernounce all the words to it. I still find myself bumpin it. But yeh, enjoy it! Go look up their music if you're yet to be hip to it. Anywho, I just found out I'm acing my Psych class. Now to knock out Humanities and Economics. I'm actually in the library, supposed to be doing an online workbook but my blog was calling me. Had to post a lil sum sum. :] Later loves! PS> Got my Atlanta tickets today. So Halloween and Dirty South photos soon to come!


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