Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sameul L. Jackson Hates Eggs


So Bitty never came.She ended up feeling sick so I knew my so called "messy monday" wouldnt be so messy. Lounged for a while and finally escaped the high rise of elders and made it out to the most expensive theater in town. Two of my dudes, Josh [pssycat] & Shandy intended on seeing Seven Pounds however, Shandy's timing was off leading us to go see The Spirit instead. I always thought Frank Miller's other movies [300; Sin City] were kinda cool with the dark filming and use of red. Butttt, I guess this one didnt quite catch our attention . However, I do believe someone behind poor Josh suffered Tourette sydrome....ahhh
We left.
Then Josh's "incident".
Good luck with that one tomorrow, love! Anywho, went back home early, like 10ish thinking my night was kaput but conveniently the broham wanted to travel south to see his woman...so i decided to make a visit to my good friend Robleh, who woke me up with 6 text messages. We ended up discussing future plans, childhoods, and family finances. Sign that we're growing? yeh maybe.
I swear we're the definition of bittersweet. Cant seem to shake each other. Eh, but why would we want to? He blows me all the time but we always end up on good terms.
I think I got my best friend back :]

Anywho...not looking forward to tomorrow. Having a feeling there's nothing in store for me. But calling it a night like now anyways. I slept till 3 today :/
Ahhh well, one more day of 2008!


viva la KELL$TUR . said...

awe, i got mine back too !
yay for long lost besites ! aha.

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