Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sincerest Apologies

So, I am very aware of the time frame since my last post. Times is hard for this college student. Life got a tad bit hectic with a gabillion finals and an unexpected breakup. I kinda lost myself for a while... But, not to fret on the past! Things have [and still are] brightened up. Its winter break and I must say the time off was well needed. My broham moved back in with my mom for a while so the experience has been better. He's my brotha from the [same] motha! lol yes. But anywho, I was reminded the other day of this cool chick Kellz about my blog [yes, i admit it, i abandoned & forgot about it] buttt I have returned. Figured that extra couch potatoe time could be useful to helping my journalism skills.

Soooo anywho, today is Saturday...saturday night to be exact. The plan was to go out to club Love with some people from my old graduating class but instead of slapping on the pounds of mascara, skimpy clothes that my mom secretly would not approve of but dare not comment on, and spending a whopping $20 on admission [did I mention its the end of the december & im past broke!?], i decided to stay in and eat sloppy joes and yes, hit up my sweet blog instead. Its all good tho. My mom's office has become the family internet cafe. It's cute. We all have our laptops and just doin our own a GREAT family values we have these days; yes times HAVE changed. But, seriously, the relaxation is enjoyable. ANYWHO, that was my update. Not too detailed cuz im trying to forget the past few months but trust, i think i;ll be more consistant this time around. My academic advisor says blogging is good for me. Who knows! Maybe its just what i needed.
PS> the pic looks really cheesy gay but i felt it was appropriate. ive grown very fond of green couches lately.


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