Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boys Suck

So, I thought I went to bed late yesterday. Fell asleep at like 4. But like three of my best friends from completely different locations called me at odd hours complaining about their dudes and how they screwed them over or something of that nature. I can completely relate, as we all have been in this situation but eh. at 4, 5, 6 in the morning? It always seems to happen after the sun goes down. I say we deactivate out love at about 6pm, yeh? Then, afterdark we all just be cutty buddies yeh? ahah Im the WORST kind of person but eh. One of my besties had a Winehouse night. Not going into details but I would definitely not recommend that. Still waiting on her call to see if she's okay =/ If i see the dude who pushed her to this point again [i know who it is, grew up with him] im giving him the biggest eye jammie. That's a bet.


kickznbeats said...

lmfao. what a dumb little girl. that wino isnt going to help. but hey, let me know when you see him cuz i definitely wouldnt mind givin him a little punch or two. =]

ahhh i love youuuuuuuuu

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