Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rolex Sweep - Skepta

So I'm a tad bit late but since I've been hooked on the British drama/ comedy show Misfits (which I'll fill you in on later). I've consequently fell in love with the soundtrack. There was a club scene in one of the episodes and I couldn't help but realize the guy was saying "50 Cent can't dance like me. Soulja Boi can't dance like me. Michael Jackson can't dance like me." So since then I've been jamming to this song "Rolex Sweep." Really making me get back into the Euro music scene. I really with we had MTV Base in the US. But its okay. I plan on moving back within the next 2 years. ;D


lisa said...

This tune is a tad bit old, none the less quite the classic. Plus misfits= awesomeness in tv show form!

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