Saturday, January 1, 2011


So in case you are not yet aware of this amazing show or you've heard people talk about it but have no idea what the hype is, Misfits is the best sht EVER. Okay, maybe I'm dramatizing it a bit but this show is definitely addictive. The plot is simple but the situations are far from the norm. These kids are doing community service, all have unique personalities. Suddenly this strange storm comes out of no where and the group gets struck by lightning. They each start noticing some weird changes and realize they each have powers. I'm not gonna spill the beans about the rest (that's basically the pilot), but there are already two seasons out. I'm anxiously waiting on the 3rd to release. It sucks though because if you're in the US you have to watch it online. I'm not giving out my site though! I know I know, don't be stingy! But if it shuts down then we're all out of luck. If you do happen to have the E4 channel on your TV then lucky you! I think the show hits home for a lot of people in our generation. It's far from candy-coated and its funny. It's an absolute must see. I wouldn't tell you lies. :) Enjoy!


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