Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm welcoming it with open arms. Living up to my resolutions and finding new inspirations. I love how we have this sense of starting a clean slate every time the calendar hits January 1st. A few of my resolutions aside from the typical get in shape & get good grades, include traveling more (def been feeling too grounded lately), update my ipod in a major way, and continue the journey of getting my hair back in its natural state.

Like I promised, I'm coming back harder than ever.
Showing you a little bit more inside my ever-changing cranium. I said I'd start with 50 of my newest favorite songs. So first up is Falling Out by Body Language.
Jabari (yes we're still going strong) interviewed them for the C-Mag back when their jam "Sandwiches" came out. Now the NYC based group has released their new EP titled Social Studies. Thankfully, they were kind enough to release it for free!

Check it out : Social Studies EP - Body Language


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