Sunday, January 2, 2011


Speaking of deals with the devil....

Heartless is a British film released in 2009. Its the story of a photographer who's struggled with insecurities about a heart-shaped birthmark on his face. Throughout London, hoodlums have began to terrorize the city, brutally murdering and burning innocent victims. Jamie (played by Jim Sturgess) comes face to face with one of these hoodlums which he soon realizes is actually a demon. An unfortunate incident occurs (i wont tell you what!), leaving him feeling guilty and lonely. Jamie figures he has nothing left to live for until he is reminded that his mother had just one wish for him before she passed. She wanted him to find love. Jamie finds himself making a deal with "Poppa D" to erase his birthmark and become "normal" but, like all deals, there is always two sides. Jamie must make some sacrifices toward his character and do favors in return for his new appearance.

Its not the best film you'll ever see but it does have some interesting concepts and characters. Check it out.


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