Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maybe We Can Go See A Matinée

Since the Valentine's day gun range thing was a bust [you have to be 21, with a gun and a gun license] I got another idea. There is a drive-in movie theater in Goochland, VA. It's like $7 to get in but you can't bring in outside food, unless you're diabetic or on a special diet. But, you can order one of their Goochdogs (no lie)!! I think they show classic movies, but they might show new ones too. It hasn't opened yet, since its still pretty chilly out but around the end of March, its on! Perfect movie date; its more intimate and extraordinary. I love it! Too bad its like 40 mins away from RVA, but I'm willing to make that trip. Good idea yeh?
Thank me later!


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