Sunday, February 21, 2010

B-Side Reclamation Project

As I'm up early on this Sunday afternoon, determined to do my homework before 3am Monday, I [of course] make a pit stop to blogspot, for you all craving your sugar high.
I'm supposed to be creating a news story for my Mass Comm class in like a week & I'm still struggling to find a topic. That's always the problem.
But today, by blog-surfing, I think I might have found my idea.
On highsnobette I saw the new necklaces by Ken & Dana that have pieces of firearms.
But the best part is the line is supported by a gun buyback program to help reduce gun violence. They start at $50 and all profit is 100% donated to the program.
I think that's pretty dope.
I might just write about it. Its only 500 words.
The sun is coming back out and I think with the combination of the gym and weather is giving me a new feeling of ambition. I like it. Trying to get involved in positive things.

Sounds about right. Who's with me?


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