Wednesday, February 17, 2010

F0 Grumpy Pants

So, I don't know if its me, the weather, or the fact that I only have 3 more b/c pills before the green ones start [fml] but uh, today is one of those rant days. I swear swear swear I'm not normally like this but winter months always get the best of my esteem & temper. I hate it.
Bought my spring break tickets to Florida so my pockets are a little on the light side,
and SINNNNNCE I'm going to [sunny i hope] florida, I'm trying to lose the winter hibernation chub.
Like those cheap furniture stores say, ALL OF IT MUST GO!!!
But yeh, so in that process i'm spending my evenings killing myself in the land of sweat & heavy metal....the gym.. & only eating Salads & Fruit [i can eat dinner though....gotta have my dinner!]
Jabari & I made an agreement to straighten our lives out.
He cut out pizza =]
& we both decided to save our bad habits for the weekend, meaning weekdays are focused on school & gym.
My belly feels crazy right now.
Maybe I o.d.'d on the crunches, or maybe because I quit food, cold turkey.
Whatever it is, its making me completely irritable.
Like I can't even tumble on tumblr today.
All the celebrity obsessing is making me want to earrrl.
Yum much?
I didn't think so.

Have you ever had that feeling where everything seems superficial?
I swear there have been days where I've just sat back and thought that I was DEFINITELY born in the wrrrrrooooong time period.
Im over everything right now. I miss real goals and priorities.
But we're all brainwashed, so who cares?
Yeh, I think a new hobby is needed.

Oh! No more moving to KY.... more on that later tho. night homies <3


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