Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Perfect Pant

As the sun starts teasing us, giving us random warm days where we aren't overwhelmed by those awful winter jackets, I find that spring fever is coming early. Love, yeah thats there but I'm really talking about the shopping. So so so ready for cuter clothes. Even just wearing what I have now [rather than hiding everything under big gray peacoats]. I have this bad habit of ripping my jeans; Two places in particular: the belt loops and the inner thigh. On a bad Monday, I recently ripped my dark skinny jeans. You know you need those...its a basic. Soooo I've been looking for a replacement and I think I found the perfect jean. Just a bus trip away to Need Supply Co. Thats where I got my Casio calculator watch [neato!]. But along with the trip to Carytown, getting sidetracked by American Apparal and For the love of Chocolate is included. This means money. Money that I dont have. I dont even have milk in the fridge. And my grades are telling me I don't deserve it just yet. Plus I need my permit already. Most embarrassing thing! Point blank, priorities are not in check. its time to get my Shiza together. Next week of hard work will amount to a extra relaxing spring break, right? lets hope so!


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