Saturday, February 28, 2009


Saturday night. My boyfriend & two other homies just left from a visit and I caught word of a free house party. The 7th floor girls and I are planning on heading there soon. But before I get dolled up I just thought I'd give it up for Kanye. Watched his storytellers session on VH1. Dude can perform his life off. Though I despise the voicebox, letely I've started to really feel his 808s and Heartbreaks . I know. Don't say it. "You are late!" No, it was okay at first but its one of those things that finally grow on you. It seems to follow me now too. From cars to dorm rooms. I dont know. But Just giving props. Not to that mullet though. What's that about? Eh, lets act brand new i guess. Well, its nearly 11. Time to scavenge my closet & make up. <3


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