Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holy Water To Go

In response to the Swine flu epidemic [if you want to call it that], inventor Luciano Marabese, with help of Italian Catholic churches, created Holy water dispensers to eliminate the chance of spreading the flu to those who come in contact with holy water, as it is often used. With no surprise, other churches began to follow suit as they began removing their old Holy water fonts and replacing them with the new dispensers. What's interesting is 15 Swine flu deaths in Italy caused a major change. It makes me question what drastic changes the States would be willing to change. Maybe they should start making personal bubbles so we can't come in contact with others. Or maybe we could just do everything from the safety of our home. That's kinda like the movie Surrogates. hmm. I hope not because I like people lol. Anyway, check that out. People are making efforts against that swiiiiine.


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