Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey Hot Shot

Hotshot is my word for the day. Yes, its study time again, the time where all my thoughts are aroused and I start to think of everything BUT what I should be focusing on, which is now International Globalization [uuggh!]. But anyhow < Today I realized a lot of things. I think I'm going through a Barbie phase. It seems that the ugly cold world is full of cute things. And for some reason this almost 2 decade year old is intrigued by cute things. I think its the way my mother raised me but yes. My boyfriend showed me the GOOGLE for the day, which was Big Bird:

I love big bird! Who doesn't love over sized, banana colored, full of moral pigeons? Plus, he makes me think of my dad. Don't ask how, just childhood memories I suppose. It happens.

Anyways, we had a Jewish guest speaker in class and I realized how much I love active teachers. Today was the first day the whole class stayed. Usually the routine is: quiz, roll, break, leaaave [halfway through class]. Our teacher is a sweetheart but you have to keep it interesting lady. She's cute though. She tries. And our guest speaker was cute because she played on stereotypes and even made a reefer joke.

I went on a Following-Spree today. Found a bunch of Cali kids with ill photography. Sooo yeah. Lots of love for you bloggers out there.
Ahhh I have had my shopping list from Topshop up for 2 days. Starting to develop a shopping problem. I know I can't take it with me, as they say. But man I'm ballin for a college student. Maybe I should buy groceries instead? Nahhh

I'm going to Atlanta this weekend! Just have to knock out tomorrows classes and I'm out like trout! Also, I got invited to go to Thanksgiving in New York to watch the Macy's Day Parade and eat great! But I'm torn because thats sacrificing my time with my little family. Still deciding though. Mom has gone on a health nut phase and now I'm wondering if she'll even make the regular Turkey, stuffing, everything you can think of goodness?? We're gonna be eating ToFurkey. :/ hmmm...

Okay so this post is beginning to ramble on. If you read through the entire thing, I thank you. If not....well suck ya mooma! Clearly I date an islander. Well later loves. Off to the academics.

Better words coming soon, i promise!


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