Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rain, Rain, Come My Way!

Despite the harsh heat wave beaming on the East coast, all I can think about when I go shopping is FALL FALL FALL. In case you didn't know, Richmond has a pretty rough infrastructure which causes HUGE ponds of puddles when it rains. Once I had to climb a fence horizontally to avoid one. No more playing spiderman and leap frog over puddles. Its time to invest in some rainboots. I've been browsing for some that don't look ridiculous and today I happened to see these cute boots by Sorel [via 80s purple]. Finally we can avoid wet toes and still be stylish. They haven't released yet but when they do, I'll be doing my raindance. Woot!

(via highsnobette)


reneehurd said...

Those are really cute!

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