Thursday, July 1, 2010

Naomi Facing Jail Time?

Naomi Campbell was given a subpoena, ordering her to testify in the trial of Charles Taylor, the former Liberian President. Apparently, Taylor gave her a blood diamond as a gift while they were at a dinner held at Nelson Mandela's house. The court date is on the 29th and she must testify or provide a legit reason of why she cannot or else this pretty woman might face up to 7 years in prison, a $500 fine, or both.

"Taylor faces war crimes charges over a brutal conflict in Sierra Leone which was fueled by rough diamonds, also known as blood diamonds or conflict diamonds.
The prosecution -- which rested in February of last year -- asked to reopen their case specifically in order to call Campbell, as well as actress Mia Farrow and a witness named Carole Taylor, court papers show."

They're saying Naomi does not want to be involved in the case. Hopefully she thinks quick and does the right thing!=/


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