Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fancy Thoughts

So, it's been sometime since I've actually posted. I know, I know. Countless apologies to who had to go through withdraws of second hand sugar high cold turkey. I know it's been rough but fret no more! I'm back. It's a new semester and while a lot of my peers took the winter break to recuperate from finals and a semester-worth of classes, I went straight back to my little cubicle at Public Affairs with HRC. Although the job is a bit tiring, I love the people I work with, even though they're both at least 30 years older than me. They're cool though.
So, you can imagine, going straight to a 40 + hour a week job directly after finishing finals and all of that, I'm pooped! It was a relief to come back to classes, believe it or not. I only had one today [same class in the same day lecture + lab]. It was Mass Comm 203 and I'm starting to feel inspired. Maybe its the first day of school feeling but it led me back to my blogspot. It's that time to polish my writing skills.CRUncH tiME BaBy!lol .
So, lately I've been trying to figure out things for my future, all that fun stuff. Potential Minors to add to my degree; Where I want to live; What I even want to do career wise. Since I was a wee lad Hatchie Patch, I've felt like God put me here to help people. Not sure exactly how yet.
& sitting in class, the teacher said something that triggered a thought.
I've always seemed to be a bit different than a lot of the people I hang out with but I realize now what that may be.
Being a Journalism student, our lives and inspiration revolves around all things new....That's why they call it the news. But it kind of opened my eyes.
My boyfriend and I always talk about how we don't really fit in in Richmond. I mean, don't get me wrong, the people here are cool and all. Richmond can definitely party. But we both feel like we have this unused potential and personality that people here don't really understand.
The thought I got in class today kinda of fit like a puzzle.
We're kind of ahead of our time, in a way. It's interesting.
I feel new networking is a necessity.
Of course I say all this is the most modest way possible. I'm not one to forget where I came from or the people who were always there. You know?


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