Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2000 Visits!

So I'm in the process of making Second Hand Sugar High look like eye candy again & I realized I've reached 2000 views. =] I love you all.
Today was the 2nd day of classes. My history teacher is an awkward looking woman with squinty eyes and a bit of an underbite but she seemed nice. First judgments, thats all. She might be cool as sht, who knows. Then English 200, the dreaded class. Everything on the syllabus is about working on this 13 page paper for the whole semester. Shouldn't be too bad tho. This chick in class had the fresh perm.
It made me consider relaxing my hair finally. Its like halfway natural... Idk. I probably won't. But anywho,
Today, I don't know if it was the weather or just me getting used to VCU again but I felt like a rebel all day. lol You ever get that feeling where you wanna flip the bird at everyone. lol even the birds? Idk, irritable I guess.
ahah As im typing this is get a text saying "Sup Bxtch"

Crank caller, eh?
Last time I got a crank call/ text on a bad day I posted their number on Facebook, Twitter, all that & got a bunch of people to blow their phone up. They never effed with me again. =)

Well I'm kinda rambling now. Just waiting for my 7pm Cult Classic/ Midnight Movie film class. =] Nerdy but I'm kinda hype to see what its like. lol


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