Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Breaking Hiatus

Though I've been missing lately, during my hiatus I've come to realize many things.

Before there was "Bro's before hoes, there was "Family first".

My taste is quite expensive, yet im a slight penny pincher. So when I do purchase, its a splurge. And shoppers remorse is non-existent.
I'm on team Jacob after all. hm! built tan werewolfs over scrawny pasty vampires anyday. lol clearly.

I no longer have girlfriends. =/ I have a couple close friends who I spend solitary time with but nothing like Sex in the City, or where ever else you see typical female empowerment girl talk.

Manny Solo Dolo

A lot of people kiss ass to be on television. Like, a lot of these stupid reality shows we get sucked into. "I wanna work for Diddy"? The job would be nice but I'm not kissing your butt to become successful. No thanks. And I've seen RayJ in person like 3 different times. I don't think he's that much of a charmer to make me lose my dignity. Screw you, Brandy's brother!
[yes im going in a bit!]

You CANT ignore dental checks just because you don't want to wake up for 8:30am walk ins & don't want to pay $80 standard fee. My wisdom tooth is growing and it is evil. I think its infected or something. Better not affect my Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgivings, my mom is vegetarian [what my brother calls the lesbian of food..no offense to my mom tho] now and my brother has plans with his girlfriend so, it looks like if I want a turkey, I'm gonna have to handle it myself! Along with all the buttery cholesteroly goodness Thanksgiving promises. Might be a little better than last year when mom's dinner conversation was discussing the massacre of the Native Americans and our glutenous tradition to celebrate it. Ehhh :/

My love for foreign flicks returned after Jabari & I stumbled upon "Black Opheus". This movie had me weak in the knees. Such a sweet story. Maybe i'll rent "the Science of Sleep" over break. Or watch "Amelie" with my mom while we sip on her machine made cappuchinos. mmmm

Bambino is growing up right before my eyes! {my pet bamboo}

& Best for last: I think I'm really starting to fall for him. He's become so relevant in my life; my new best friend & he gives me tea when im feeling ill. =) awh love.

Forgive the negative tone of this post but its 2:37am. My brother is coming to pick me up for Thanksgiving break in the morning and I have yet to pack. But as always, you, my blog, have priority. <3


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