Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Mixxxy Tape -DaiBurger

So, last new years, Booki and I drunkenly rushed through the snowy, slippery streets of Brooklyn to find this chick's Quiana's house that everyone called CLUB BETTY. We arrived at 11:42pm and just made it for the countdown before we even introduced ourselves. That night turned out to be one of the best party nights ever. I honestly never met such intriguing people that are our age. But anywho, through my drunken stuper I vaguely remember this colorful chick who had a blonde loooong mohawk, carrying a hello kitty water bottle. She looked mad familiar. Then I was like, this girl added me with her music page on myspace [back when myspace was poppin]. I def went up to her and told her that -_- I didn't care how dumb I looked but it turned out to be DaiBurger.
She dropped her new mixtape yesterday called MY MIXXXY TAPE. Its a combination of sensual/ ow owww/ "oh no you di'nt" all in one. But its sooo fun to listen to. I really enjoyed it.
Lucky for you, the mixtape is free! SO go download that jont!


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