Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hypebeast: Wiz Khalifa


You hear it everywhere now.

Wiz Khalifa is definitely the new hype in America's young generation. But what draws the line between fans and hypebeast? Back in December, I went to the Higher Learning show in Richmond in December. Flyers were passed out and the word was spread. When it came to the day of the show, how was the final turnout? Eh, there was a good little crowd of hip hop heads and the obvious stoner kids, but there was definately plenty of room in there for maybe double the crowd that showed up.

After his most recent mixtape OJ and Kush dropped, it seems that everybody, their cousins, and their mothers hopped on the herb blowing, inked up, YEEEEAAH BiTCH bandwagon. For instance, he is performing at the Norva in Norfolk today. Almost everyone I know from 757 is going to be there. But how many of them knew
ANY of his stuff before OJ and Kush? Where were they when he was in RVA?
I'm not knocking people for rocking his music, I'm happy he's finally building his fan base but why all of a sudden? I saw someone tweet : If you wanna hear a real rapper spit some real sh*t listen to Wiz Khalifa."
-_- I love Khalifa as much as the next person but ummm, come on now. You know what dudes about. The herb and the money, honey. And there's nothing wrong with that. He's doing what he enjoys. But don't try to compare his rhymes to that of the more lyrical genius type. He makes music to ride (
and fly) to. Just let it be that. OKAAAAAY!!!


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