Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stories of a Spring Break

So I won't tell all my spring break stories, but one kinda funny one was on a Friday. My friend Desi, who I was originally visiting, had to stay at her track meet at USF. Two of her friends were going to the beach & she didn't want me to be bored so I went with them, destined to get that tan I always want. Sooo, we're driving. Traffic starts getting a little congested, and suddenly, Jason's car stops. Just out of nowhere. We were in the far left lane but there was NO shoulder.
This cop drives up and asks whats going on. We elaborate on the situation and he suggests that we put the car in neutral and he would push the car with his car to the nearest shoulder. He did, and he left. Thanks cop.
So, basically, we're stopped in the middle of traffic. Cars are zooming by, closely to us, honking and yelling. AND ITS HOT! We wait forever for this shady tow-truck man to arrive. Its this guy with a gold tooth with the letter "T" on it.
Conveniently, all four of us couldn't fit in the tow truck, so since it was his car, we let Jason ride with the tow truck driver and Chaz and I stayed on the middle of the highway for 45 mins until my friend Giovanna and her girlfriend can and saved us.
One old guy even drove by, pointing and laughing.
I've never realized how mean Americans can be! sheesh.

I got my tan tho!


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