Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Straighten Your Hair & Plant a Tree!

The beloved CHI broke so had to invest in a new flat iron. Knew it would cost a grip so had to do my research. Comparing the ratings, FHI is CHI's running mate. Apparently it's made by the same manufacturers though. But anywho, decided to try the new route and go with the FHI (which works wonders). I thought it was cute, they had different colors for different causes. Course, for the sake of Bambino, my bamboo plant, i got the FHI Earth. If you buy it, they plant trees. :] yay for earth and cleaner air! It makes you feel a little better about that $120 you had to dish out. They gave me a complementary gift tho: Brush, Clips, & some goop they call "Hot Sauce". Hmmm interesting. R.I.P CHI!


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